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7Cantonas.com Meet & Greet with Kevin Pilkington

7Cantonas.com Meet & Greet with Kevin Pilkington

7 Cantonas.com is pleased to announce what will hopefully be the first of similar events this year, a Meet and Greet evening with 7Cantonas.com contributor Kevin Pilkington.

The event will be held on Thursday, March 24th in North London and will be by invitation only.

The night will be compered by 7Cantonas.com co-founder Kyle and will include a short time where Kevin will mingle with United supporters before he takes to the stage to answer a few questions.

If you are interested in getting on the guest list and would like to meet Kevin and hear his stories about his time at United, and his thoughts for our hopes in the title race this season, as well as get some pictures and autographs, let us know in the comments section and we’ll get back to you.


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  1. giggs11gerrard0

    The same Kyle that slags. Off MUFC Players? I thought Alan Tonge and Yolkie said get behing players like Darron? Now Kyle is labelling him as a one trick pony!

    From: @KDill_MUFC
    Sent: 9 Feb 2011 16:55

    “One thing this lad can do is strike a ball.” – the commentator following Gibbo’s strike yesterday. Perfectly sums up this one-trick pony.

    sent via web
    On Twitter: http://twitter.com/KDill_MUFC/status/35381393479434240

  2. KDill_MUFC

    Never said I didn’t support the player. In fact, I was the one who suggested we have the chant of the day be about Gibbo (and that was before he even scored that goal). In fact, in my write up for that chant I stated: “Gibson comes under a lot of criticism from fans for some of his performances with United, and I am certainly no exception, but I would love nothing more than to see him succeed.”

    I’m all for supporting our players, and I would honestly love to see Gibson to see. But when players struggle to perform, there is no wrong in criticism. Players are paid to perform and when they aren’t contributing to results at the club we have a right to be concerned and voice our opinions. At this moment in time can you honestly claim that Gibbo excels in any other area of the game beyond long-range shooting? What I said was simply fact. Should he develop his passing or tackling, he could be a good player. Just needs to add to his game.

  3. yolkie

    Individuals have their own opinions. It’s perfectly fine and understandable if Kyle, Alan and I all have entirely different opinions about Gibson..

    What I don’t understand is why you feel the need to attack two points of view and not even air your own? Disagree, by all means, but why not debate instead of taking things out of context?

    For what it’s worth, Kyle is a far bigger fan of Gibson than I am…

  4. KDill_MUFC

    That’s actually true. I went to an open training over the summer and at the end the players signed stuff for fans. Gibson was one of the first players that I went to for an autograph. Still have a photo of him and I together. I always thought he had the potential to become a good player, it just frustrates me that he hasn’t develop all aspects of his game yet. We need him to be a good passer as well, not just score the occasional goal from outside the box. I still hope he can reach that potential at Old Trafford.

  5. Giggs11Gerrard0

    Lucky you Kyle. United players aren’t allowed to mix with fans in this country now since Fortress Carrington opened in 2000 and they left The Cliff. Only chance for us is if we see them out in town.
    Knew you’d jump in again yolkie! I don’t slag off United players on internet or boo them at matches.

  6. yolkie

    Liam; we have the venue booked but we want to keep it secret for obvious reasons. It’s an invitation only event, but we welcome all interest and will try and accomodate anyone who wants to attend.

    Giggs11Gerrard0; just joining in the discussion mate. I agree with the philosophy of not slagging off and certainly agree with not booing our own players. There is of course room for criticism where it’s necessary, not everything can be good all of the time. It’s done with the common aim of what we feel would be best for our players to succeed at United.

    I guess the best way of putting it in terms of the Gibson example is that, I thought playing him from the start against Blackpool was a mistake. I felt it would prove to be costly. After the game, we were able to see that was the case, but through his time on the pitch, I wanted him to prove me wrong, I was willing him and supporting him to do just that. As a blog it’s natural we’re going to write about our observations (and as writers make bite sized comments on Twitter!). It’s not always easy to strike the right balance as even an observation that looks critical seems like a straight attack.

    Re: mixing with players. I’m hopeful that meet and greets such as the one referenced in this blog can help. Of course, Kevin is an ex-player but he was at the club in one of the most important times in it’s history and will have, for example, an amazing insight into the talent of the 92 team as kids, and what it was like to be in the squad for the 1996 double winners.

    With all due respect, our pride having Kevin and Alan write for us should indicate that we are huge supporters of ANY player that plays for United and will always back them when they’re wearing the shirt!

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