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A day I’ll never forget

Two weeks ago, I was on Twitter and received a mention from @ChevroletFC requesting that I follow them so that they could send me a DM. I followed them back and waited to see what they would say. To my absolute surprise they offered me a “fantastic opportunity for the West Bromwich home game” and requested my email address.

I then got the email which said they were giving me and three guests Warwick Suite tickets for the West Brom game, courtesy of Chevrolet. As you can imagine I was absolutely shocked and delighted at the same time! I immediately called my dad and asked if he wanted to go, of course he said yes! I also asked @PuhWuh and his dad and the three guests were set.

I have to be honest, I was convinced it was a wind up and we’d get there and the tickets wouldn’t be waiting for us and we’d be laughed out of the ground, thankfully that wasn’t the case.

We arrived at Old Trafford at around 12.15 and made our way to the Treble Reception where after confirming our identity we were escorted up to the suite. Champagne was given on arrival as well as gift bags, containing the match programme and a pair of Paul Smith socks! We made our way to our booth and enquired as to if all food and drink was free or was it just limited to the first drink.

“No sir, it is all complimentary”

As you can imagine that was music to our ears and we took full advantage of the generous hospitality by the wonderful Polly who tended to our every need, checking if we needed refills and making us feel like VIP’s!

As we sat down, I spotted United legends Gary Pallister and Captain Marvel himself Bryan Robson! I told my dad and immediately he made his way over, camera in hand to ask for autographs and I went with him just to make sure he didn’t make a fool of himself! Both Pally and Robbo were really friendly and had no problem signing autographs for us and posing for photographs.

We then had the starters, which were canapés but I waited for the main course which was a selection of various foods but I opted for mint lamb/Yorkshire pudding and roasted vegetables. It was exquisite and had we paid for our day out then it would have totally been worth it! My dad wandered off and came back a couple of minutes later, beaming as he informed me that he popped into the suite next door and had his photo taken with Rafael! Of course I was jealous but he was in his element. He was chatting to the waiters and fellow guests, nothing to do with the beer he’d supped since our arrival!!

We got to see the view from the seats and watched anxiously as the pitch inspection went on, it was confirmed that the game would go ahead and we settled down with more drinks and decided what we’d bet on (2-1 United and Welbeck first scorer). As it got closer to kick off we were asked what drinks we wanted waiting for us at half time! Crazy! We made our way to the seats and my dad’s face lit up as he took in the incredible view of Old Trafford.

United started well and took the lead through an own goal (it has been a while since he bagged for us!), we controlled the game in the first half, West Brom had a couple of chances but nothing to concern us really. Half an hour in the beer had got to me and I headed to the loo, to find my dad casually chatting away with United legend Alex Stepney, he was telling him how he watched him when he was a youngster and they both talked about the likes of Law, Charlton, Best et al and I had to drag my dad away so we could watch the rest of the first half!

Half time arrives and true to their word, Polly had our drinks waiting for us. Unknown to me, my dad had cheekily taken a leather bound menu and hid it (cannot take him anywhere!), after topping ourselves up we made our way back to our seats for the second half.

West Brom controlled most of the 2nd half and had a chance to equalise but thankfully Tamas missed from close range, changes were made and top scorer Robin van Persie, followed by Paul Scholes came on and the latter especially controlled the midfield play. We needed a second goal to make it safe and who else but Robin van Persie scored an exquisite second to calm the nerves and give us the three points.

Full time arrived and what else could we do but take more free drinks? My dad again wandered off and returns, out of the toilet with Captain Marvel! By this point the beer had kicked in and he proudly announced to us that; “Just had a piss with Robbo”, Robbo to his credit replied; “Aye, but I held my own”. Surreal!

As the suite began to empty we said our final thanks to Polly, our waitress and handed her a tip, we made our way downstairs back to the car and to reality!

It was an incredible day and as I saw my dad mixing with United legends, chatting away like they were friends I couldn’t help but shed a tear. It was the chance of a lifetime and one that I would like to thank Chevrolet for. It was an amazing gesture and one that I will never forget.

You can follow Chevrolet on Twitter at @ChevroletFC and who knows, next time they might pick you!



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