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A Week in Football

A Week in Football

Football eh? We’ve reached the end of another eventless week that has bored the heck out of everyone and given people no talking points. Oh, hang on a minute, that sounds wrong looking back on it…

Where am I supposed to start with this one, well, let’s start on Wednesday morning, where else? In what many on the internet seemed to find a baffling moment, Roman Abramovich seemed to become a bit bored, and once again screamed “FEED ME MORE!” like some HGH fed madman at an unsuspecting Roberto Di Matteo, before gobbling up the shifty looking Italian (seriously, you wouldn’t trust him with anything, he always appears to be plotting your downfall) following the 3-0 drubbing at the hands of Juventus, who ITV somehow managed to talk up as a surprise package despite losing 2 games in 18 months. Kudos cunto Chiles, kudos.

The decision to remove Di Matteo seems bizarre when you look at his trophy haul in his short time at the club, but becomes more understandable when you realise he has a worse record at the club than Baron Greenback look-a-like and relegation expert Avram Grant.
Perhaps the best part of this news (should you not be a Chelsea fan, or user of RAWK) was the naming of Rafa Benitez as the immediate replacement for the Italian, in what I can only assume was Romans way of covering his insatiable appetite, hire a waiter. Let’s be honest, he’s a large waiter at that.

Hang on a minute, there was actual football as well? Erm, I’m trying to remember now, but most majorly to you lot, the weekend contained a game that was so dull I’m pretty certain Sir Alex fell asleep at one point in the 1-0 loss at Norwich, where a goal was scored by an ex-red, as ESPN were sure to inform us as often as physically possible in the time between the goal and going off air. This was followed by another 1-0 loss over in Turkey, to Galatasaray. On the face of it, that isn’t so good, but the performance was quite good, from what was a reserve teams with a few players who could do with a rest thrown in, for some unknown reason.

The weekend gone was actually quite an entertaining one, in theory. It started with Emanuel Adebayor being Adebayor, and giving Spurs the lead then doing all he could to lose the North London derby with a ridiculous red card. Chelsea lost to the last club that sacked Di Matteo, in West Brom. Liverpool were as irrelevant as they are most weekends, only noticeable as Steven Gerrard screams at a player with a broken leg to get up, and City went top (boo) following a game which was turned by a downright confusing penalty, putting Villa out of it.

In celebration of their dodgy decision defined game against Villa, City went on to host Real Madrid, and proceeded to get their arses handed to them, conceding early to a Karim Benzema tap in after Maicon appeared to have a moment most comparable to when you stand up too fast and lose your balance. They managed to pull back to a draw after the Gilluminati forgot their jobs and gave Arbeloa a red card for being in the general vicinity when Kunt Aguero threw himself to the ground. With a minute to save their Champions League spot they were to replace Aguero with James Milner. They went out. Naturally.
Actually, there was a nice piece of information about Liverpool, who are sending Stewart Downing out on loan. To Middlesbrough. In the championship. 15 months after blowing £19million on him. The gift that keeps on giving.

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