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A Week In Football : Gameweek Two!

A Week In Football : Gameweek Two!

“Gameweek Two” then, as the Yanks would say, and it was another feisty and frenetic weekend of Premier League football, not least at Anfield as our friends from the city down t’road “entertained” our friends from the wrong side of the tracks.

Before I go any further – I’ve always thought that was funny, the use of the word “entertained” when describing football matches. Newsreaders keep on doing it, don’t they?

“…but van Persie’s second goal of the game salvaged a point for the league leaders. Meanwhile, Stoke City entertained Everton at The Britannia…”

Not being funny but fuck me, there’s nothing entertaining about anything involving Stoke City, is there?

Anyway, yesterday saw the first proper ‘Super Sunday’ of the fledgling season. No offence to Southampton but last week we all had City v Saints as an easy home win, so the excitement levels weren’t particularly high. But this week, two of the big hitters were going head to head, and whilst I don’t like ‘em, and they’re not what they were, let’s not pretend that Liverpool aren’t a big club anymore. They are, so I was excited for this one, even though for us it was a bit “pick your poison”. Liverpool v City – would you rather get stung on your arse or punched in the face?

With games like this you always plump for the draw, so I was happy enough with the 2-2. I don’t think there’s anything too scary about City, to be honest. They won the league last season because of a goal by Aguero – you know that because Sky Sports like showing it 11 million times a day – but if the little Argie lad had slipped over and fell on his arse instead, they would have drawn at home against a poor QPR side down to 10 men and they would have won…nothing. No cups or anything. That’s how thin the margin was last season, and this pre-season I don’t think they’ve made any big moves in the transfer window to strengthen either.

 “You signed Phil Jones, we signed Aguero”?

Well we’ve just signed Shinji Kagawa and RVP whilst they snapped up Jack Rodwell and Scott Sinclair, so I’m pretty content over that one. In fact, when I was looking at their team sheet before yesterday’s game, I couldn’t help thinking that with Silva and Aguero missing they didn’t look “all that” going forward. How good it was of Martin Skrtel to help them out as much as he could in that respect.

I’m going to stop writing about City now before I get accused of being “obsessed”, so what about the game against Fulham, eh? I’m all for taking the positives out of things, so Kagawa! RVP! Rafael! In fact, I don’t think Rooney’s injury is a terrible thing, either. Looked bloody painful, mind, but he was terrible against Everton, and the usual August talk of “smoking, drinking, eating” has reared its head again regarding our Scouse wunderkind, so an extended rest whilst following a proper dietary/exercise schedule at Carrington might be just what the doctor ordered for Wazza. Besides, the gash (snigger) gives Fergie a valid reason for not playing him and instead persevering with the more flexible Kagawa-RVP front two which looked really good on Saturday. They’ll get a run of games, strike up a tremendous understanding with each other, then Wayne will come back and….well. That’s the tricky bit. I can already feel the storm clouds brewing, sadly.

So that’s another week in football analysed (sort of). Friday night sees “Transfer Deadline Day With Jim White ZOMG” so I’m sure next week’s column will be a transfer special. There’ll be more wheeling and dealing going on than if ‘Arry Redknapp had set up a stall down at his local market, and I can’t blooming wait. Until next time kids!


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