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All That’s Left To Sort Out Is The Right (And A Centre-back)

When you watch the post match analysis of the games in our recent run, you can’t help but be blown away by many areas of it, Fellaini has become the Messi of the long ball flick on, the Spanish bromance is being beautifully complemented by Carrick, as a result they’re producing beautiful football and a game changing level of end product, down the left hand side Young & Blind have developed an understanding that full backs appear helpless to stop.

How good would it be if there was a similar understanding down the right hand side?

For me it’s essential, (perhaps not as essential as a centre half who can help iron the creases out of Smalling & Jones) but essential none the less, it’s why the thought of bringing in Depay & Clyne appeals so strongly to me.

I didn’t think I’d be saying that signing a right back is vital, it’s harsh on Rafael, really harsh, I love the guy, he worked so hard to become one of the few bright lights under Moyes, he’s kept his head up and given his all even though he’s clearly a peripheral figure under the new regime, it’s clear that Louis requires tactical discipline in his players, it’s been shown by those trusted to play the full back positions in recent weeks, it’s clear that Rafael has many qualities, but that has never and most likely will never be one of those that Louis can rely on to apply a clinical execution of a rehearsed plan.

It’s the opposite for Valencia, he’s that desire to do well and pride in wearing the shirt that means he’ll always give it his best, but his best these days is woeful if you’ve a genuine hope of competing for major honours, he won’t take on a full back, his crossing is harder to watch than Britain’s Got Talent, he’s just all the things wrong with a winger that Welbeck was as a forward, and just as he was moved on for not being up to standard, so must Tony for me.

What the 2 potential additions offer far exceeds what the current options can, it’s really that simple.

Clyne, during the 2 seasons he’s played in the top flight he’s grown and grown, I’d say something about how this’s been proven by his selection for the national side, but given that YCSYFEUYA, I won’t, I’ll simply state that he’s played a key role in helping Southampton maintain one of the tightest defences in the league, a none too shabby task when you look at the upheaval at the club last summer, on top of this he’s attacked with an intelligence that’s allowed him to create goal scoring opportunities for those in the middle, it’s what I was brought up on at United, Gary Neville & Denis Irwin are 2 of the finest Red’s I had the pleasure to watch as they did the same thing year in year out, I’m already certain of Shaw’s ability to do so down the left for the next 10 to 15 years (if he stops getting injured), so for me, the opportunity to grab someone who can do the same down the right is one we must grab.

I look at Depay in a similar light, given my long term allergy to Football Manager, last summer’s World Cup was my first exposure to what the lad could do, he showed tremendous pace when leading the national side on a counter attack, but more impressively, he showed sound judgement when he traced the final third, where have we seen that at Old Trafford during the last 5 or 6 years? Fleetingly in Nani when used correctly, but not often enough to feel you could rely on him week in week out, rarely in Valencia who’s played for the last 2 or 3 seasons like a ball is harder to cross than the Korean border, so imagine if you will how good it could be to have a player on the wing who’ll actually do what he’s paid to do?

It’s a thought I’ve had quite often since these rumours first cropped up, and I’ll be honest, it excites me greatly, it puts proven players in positions they add huge value in, and it adds such strength in depth to an improving squad, perhaps best of all, it means that we’ll be in a position where our number 7 can finally get the run he needs through the middle to deliver the showstopping displays we saw when he first arrived…..

On that highpoint I shall end.


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  1. tfc

    I agree with strengthening rb and cb. But how about the midfield?
    The past few days has showed that we need another midfield player.

  2. gaz7753

    Antonio Rudiger is the answer, he is a German international that plays cb for his club, rb for his country & has often played dm. He is a versatile player, young, wants to play in the prem & Champions league & available for 12-14 mill.

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