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Behind Enemy Lines : Tottenham


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  1. Darren

    Excellent read and some good thoughts on the AVB revolution. Just hope my train from Plymouth makes it to London on time for Sunday !!!

  2. Ramos28

    Decent read. But if you want a MORE informed (and interesting footballing) view, on the goings-on at White Hart Lane, then I’m your man. FAR TOO MUCH LETTUCE and NOT ENOUGH BURGER, for me, reading this article.

    Its a bit of a shame, really, as the Behind Enemy Lines concept is actually a VERY good idea!

  3. Eruga

    Oh, Andrew Spurrier-Dawes: so you’re not the same Spurrier-Dawes that got expelled aged 15 fom St Joseph’s Juniors in Wealdstone in 20005 for weeing in your pants when the rest of us discovered your mum’s married name was Arsenellettee? Oh right, OK, pip: you, didn’t really think so…. (Goooona!)

  4. Chris Foster

    Sorry the bit about realistically Bale will leave is utter rubbish, that is your opinion not FACT! Funny how it’s on a United page ay! + what is for certain if we secure CL football there will be no doubt about it Bale will be staying to progress under Spurs in the CL and he will know Spurs will sign a couple of world class talent as CL is what you need to attract top players, Levy is not resigned to losing Bale your taking comments from a newspaper, utter rubbish!

  5. Chris Foster

    Bale signed a new 4 yr contract because he believes in the clubs objectives (Levy’s) ! Use your brain a bit, the fact his just had a kid, always traveling to see mates & fam back in Wales inbetween games + the same thing for his girlfriend, you think this summer they going to want to move abroad learning a whole new culture and language when they just learning to be parents, this time in your life you need family around you, he may leave in future but not in the summer!!!!

  6. Luke

    Thanks for your comments folks – the fact you’ve read it is good enough 😉 just to clear something up – Andrew is real and is a genuine Spurs fans. His twitter is @brightlilywhite – he’d love to hear your thoughts.

    Thanks for reading,


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