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Too Blind To See It


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  1. souljah_p

    Absolutely agree. Never thought much of him when he was appointed but supported him until the Liverpool game, now can’t stand him. You are absolutely right when you say that he has lowered expectations, cause the way fans celebrated the 1-1 against Bayern at OLD TRAFFORD was something I have never experienced. I have always grown up used to an OT game as a win which was the norm and anything else was us dropping points. But now it seems that a win is exceptional and a draw a great result. It’s absolutely disappointing. I truly hope we get rid of him and get someone who belongs and is not awed by the fact he is the manager of the greatest club in the world. Actually even he can’t believe how he is our manager. He is a mid table club manager and nothing more. People are probably gonna curse me for my opinion but this is the truth and the faster we realise and move on, the faster we’ll get back to the top

  2. Ratbag

    Not sure if you are the person I accused of being a Moyes apologist. If so, I take it all back. This article is spot on. Moyes never was good enough for United and never will be. So the agony needs to stop now. He needs to go. #Moyesout

  3. Old Salford Red

    What a fbulous piece of writing. I thought I had said some interesting criticisms of Moyes (see Redmancunian) but this is sheer brilliance, utterly spot on. I congratulate you!!

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