Competition : Guess United’s first Premier League opponents | Manchester United News

Competition : Guess United’s first Premier League opponents

Competition : Guess United’s first Premier League opponents

The Premier League fixtures are announced tomorrow and we thought we’d get in the spirit of the excitement by running a competition. You will have noticed earlier in the year we ran several competitions via the website and our Twitter account giving away pairs of signed Kevin Pilkington gloves. As you may be aware (and if not, why not!) Kevin made smething of a return to the “Manchester United” fold this past week when he represented (and starred) in the winning legends team in Barbados.

We do have one more pair of gloves to give away, but these are signed WORN gloves.

To enter, simply state which team you think we will play first in the league and where in the comments section below.

There are 38 possible combinations; multiple entries are not allowed and will be checked!

The first correct answer will win – and the first person to comment with their particular selection will be considered the entrant for that selection.


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  1. Sam Chivers

    I’ve got inside info.. Our first Premier League opponents of the season will be Citeh at Wembley in the Community Shield. I’m in the know.

  2. msizzla

    I swear I put West Brom home earlier!!!! If not, it’s not above so West Brom home!!1 haha

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