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The Connection – Strategy

If you were the manager of a football team with a big match coming up, you wouldn’t have your players head out on to the field on the day of the match having not done your research and prepared them accordingly. But how do you research?

Know your enemy – this is important. In sports and in gambling, it is crucial that before you attempt to win, you attempt to understand your opponent. With slots, you have the added benefit of being able to choose your opponent carefully. You can watch how your opponent ‘plays’ against other gamblers, understand how they react to certain tactics, and begin to learn their weaknesses.

Whilst the premise of this is the same in both sports and in slot machines, the actual practice is totally different. A football manager will watch his opponents’ games to expose weaknesses, whilst a professional gambler will watch a number of slot machines waiting for signs that it could soon be ripe for the taking.

Really, when it comes to slots, the tactics are all about choosing the right machine to play against and the time at which you choose to play. Understanding how slot machines work is important, and sometimes this can take some practice. Much like sports teams will try out different tactics in training to see how they will respond, it is sometimes important to spend some time playing slots to get a better understanding of when they are ‘ready’ to cash out.

Everything requires practice and whilst there are numerous tactics and systems out there that can be used to change how you approach a game, what is important is that you actually try these systems out and find what best suits your style. Most sports teams adopt a preferred style to their play, it both adds character to their ability and demonstrates a fact that there are many different ways of winning, depending on who your opponent is and what their weakness is.

Springing the trap – this is tricky. There are quite a few sports where, as a team, you have to wait for the right moment to grab an opportunity. This comes around through hours of working together and trying out different movements so that everyone is on the same wavelength. This can be pretty tough with slots – you’re by yourself and you’re relying on other gamblers to make way for you at the right time. It’s a game of patience.

Practice makes perfect – it really does. You can do all the waiting you want, but if you haven’t honed your strategy and system for when the time comes, you could have wasted a lot of time. One of the best ways to practice different approaches to playing slots is to get in lots of practice online whilst you’re at home. This way you don’t need to spend a lot of time regarding the behaviour of machines with other players, you just have to focus on your game, and how you’re going to play it.

You wouldn’t go into a sports match against one of your biggest rivals unprepared, so why would you with a slot machine, especially when you have money on it. Be patient, prepare your strategy and most of all, and practice as much as you can.


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