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For press / advertising enquiries, email us at mail (at) . (Email hidden to say no to Spambots!) occasionally recruits new writers and bloggers for the website.

The positions are unpaid but provide an opportunity for aspiring writers to have their work featured on the only supporter run website to feature regular columns and contributions from former Manchester United players. The exposure has helped contributors current and past to add to their portfolio and has presented opportunities to gain work with international broadcasters, international supporters associations as well as other professional writing and editing work. Writers from RetroUnited have featured on BBC TV, BBC Radio, CNN, Fox Soccer, and Setanta Sports to name just a few, as well as having their work featured on the official North America, Canadian and South American United supporters association’s websites.

RetroUnited hopes to deliver quality content and does house a professional editing team but we also trust prospective writers to use proper grammar. Original ideas and articles are most welcome, and will be credited to individual writers either in the column or via “Twitter” username. Generally, we expect original articles to be at least 500 words in length. There is no upper limit but we try and limit the waffle – well, most of us, anyway! If you are interested in contributing to contact us on the email above.

The website offers a unique platform for supporters to discuss the latest United news with former players of the club. We also handle a certain amount of media enquiries for some of the players on our website. If you wish to make an enquiry along these lines to contact the availability of one of the personalities we work with, please contact us using the email above.