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David May Preview : Birmingham

David May Preview : Birmingham

David May previews the game with Birmingham City on Saturday.

I have got to be honest and over the years a fixture against Birmingham doesn’t usually fill me with excitement. The games are often tight, not much goal mouth action and either a hard fought win for us or a decent looking point for them. However I am always optimistic and there are several things about this game that are intriguing. Ben Foster coming back, Alex McLeish trying to get one over on his old Gaffer, Wazza has got to score a bag full soon and City chasing us for the Title!!!!

I am sure it will be our strongest side, the lads have had a week off to prepare and I am expecting a good performance with plenty of goals. With Rafa missing I am not sure who will play right back but Wes, Nev or Mr O’Shea can step in without it being a problem. Maybe it’s a good thing for Rafa to get a break, watch a couple of games and continue to learn. He has so much potential it is scary and at United they will get the best out of him.

Either that or just put him in Fabio’s shirt and Bob’s your uncle!!! Haha!

Dangerman: Lee Bowyer

He has always been a pain in the arse but to be fair to him like he showed when we played at St Andrews he knows where the goal is. Some might say he’s a poor man’s Scholsey, usually in the right place at the right time and even at the age of 34 he can have a big impact on the game.

It doesn’t bother him when the crowd boo, he gets the rest of his team going so whoever is holding our midfield better be on their toes cause he knows all the tricks in the book.

These days players seem to be able to go on forever, maybe I will put the boots back on and give the gaffer a bell!

Prediction : 3-0, Nani to score from outside the box!!!

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  1. Alex '@aquelious'

    Nani was pretty woeful against Spurs last week, so hopefully he can play a little better against a strong Birmingham side!
    Really need Rooney to get a couple of goals. If he can score against Birmingham, then he will go into the game against Blackpool full of confidence, especially as they are not the greatest defensively, although their attacking football is a joy to watch.
    I think a win, 2-0!

  2. yolkie

    I agree Alex – he is generally a streak kind of striker, big weird how it’s not really happening for him this season. Maybe the absence of Valencia is more important than we realise!

  3. Alex '@aquelious'

    That’s a really good point! Last season, Valencia was fantastic and very underrated due to stepping into Ronado’s shoes. Nani has stepped up considerably, but I often think we lose something down the left when both are not playing!
    Hopefully Tony V will be back in action soon!

  4. John Young

    Would anyone put it past SAF to play Rafa in fabio’s shirt?
    I agree on the Valencia point, Rooney hasnt had a season like that before and without Tony V doesnt look like having one again.

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