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David May Preview : Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur

David May Preview : Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur

Well it wasn’t exactly the best opening weekend of the Premier League I have ever seen but there were a few interesting things that caught my eye. Teams playing away from home did better than a lot of people thought, maybe it’s because there is less expected of them or is it that teams have figured out how to soak up the pressure and then hit on the counter attack, either way its gonna be interesting. Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool seemed to run out of steam/ideas towards the end of their games, City looked OK but it was against the Swans and something’s never change, we won with a late winner!!!

I thought for the first half hour we played some great stuff at the Hawthorns. The passing and movement was too much for the Baggies to cope with. Wazza and Young seem to have an instant understanding which can only be good for the future, Welbeck and Cleverley did quite well and I was happy with the rest of the team considering it is never easy to lose your two main centre halves in a game. Ok, De Gea could have done better but I am not going to jump all over him like the papers have, he’s twenty, he’s going to make mistakes. It’s a learning curve for him and given time and the right coaching that he will get from the staff at Carrington he should develop into an outstanding keeper.

On to Spurs, I am sure Harry would have liked to have been a little busier in the transfer window than he has been. All the Modric talk has seemed to put a shadow over the club, I know he is good but when a player wants to move on it is best for everybody if it’s done as quickly as it can be. There are always sticking points like the transfer fee but it’s not helping anyone when it drags on. If I was Harry I would try and play Van der Vaart deeper, and then two upfront. He’s still got a massive squad with plenty of quality and they will be seen as dark horses to get into the Champions League again.

Dangerman: Gareth Bale 

What a player this boy is turning out to be, his performances against Inter Milan last season were something special. Along with that he scored a few exceptional goals, none more so than that incredible volley into the top corner away at Stoke. If he can get a little more consistent and figure out whether he wants to be a left back or left winger I think he could really start to shine in the Premier League. I know the Gaffer was interested in him when he was at Southampton and he has certainly showed he has the quality to play for a top club in Europe.

Prediction : United are going to win 3-2 against Tottenham, Wazza to score first!!!!


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