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David May Preview : Marseille game

David May Preview : Marseille game

Another big game, they just keep on coming at this stage of the season. I was very happy with the win over Arsenal, especially after seeing the two teams. They were nearly at full strength and no disrespect to the United line up but we were more of an experimental side with the twins on the wings!!!

I personally think they are suited to that role, they are still very young, eager, full of energy and are learning the game at the highest level in the hardest league in the world. They deserve more credit because it isn’t easy to come to a new country at that age. I definitely think they are the future of United. Another thing is Wazza keeps on scoring!!! He is slowly getting the goals and becoming more consistent all over the pitch. His touch is back, that imagination and creativity that makes him such a special player is beginning to shine again and I think he is going to have a big part to play in the final few months of the season.
Onto Marseille, this tie is by no means over. All they need to get is an early goal and 76 thousand people will be biting their finger nails. The good news is the Gaffer has seen it all before and knows exactly what he is doing. When we first started getting into Europe playing the likes of Volgograd, (bonus points for anyone that remembers them), Fenerbahce and Rapid Vienna we were going into the unknown, before you knew it a player you had never heard of or seen before had spanked a shot past you or got one of your mates booked. These days every team has been videoed, the players watch dvd’s and often it isn’t even the first time you’re playing that team in Europe. This all helps and with our record at home this season I fully expect us to go through, it may be a little tense at times but following United is a rollercoaster ride and that’s one of the reasons why we love them so much!!!

Prediction : We are going to win 3-1. COME ON UNITED!!!


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  1. Rob

    I’d be happy with 3-1 but I can see it being even tighter. i think we’ll win, either 1-0 or 2-1. I hope we go with a 4-3-3:

    Vds, Rafael, Smalling, Vidic, Evra, Carrick, Scholes, Gibson, Valencia, Rooney, Giggs

    Bench: Kuszczak, Brown, O’Shea, Fabio, Park, Berbatov, Hernandez

  2. Chetan

    I heard Carrick n Nani not considered for the game, so Gibson in place of Carrick in a 4-4-2

    O’Shea,, Smalling, Vidic, Evra,
    Giggs, Scholes, Gibson, Valencia,
    Rooney, Berbatov.

    Kuszczak, Brown, Rafael, Fabio, Park, Hernandez

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