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David May Preview : Tottenham

David May Preview : Tottenham

7Cantonas is proud to make United blogging history today by becoming the first fan run website to feature a preview provided by one of our ex-players. This will be a regular feature of the site; but for now, enjoy David May‘s thoughts on playing Tottenham Hotspur.

We have had some great games there over the years, it helps that both sides try to play open and attractive football, they have grown up with a pass and move style like us, players including Hoddle, Waddle, Gazza and even people like Ginola who may not have won much while he was there but he was definitely worth watching. Everybody can pick their favourite fixtures from the years gone by, the usual one is the 5-3 from 2001. What a game that was, not many teams come back from the dead like that and it shows a never say die spirit that has always been United’s trademark. I am going to pick a less obvious game. I remember walking out onto the pitch at White Hart Lane back in 1997, I loved playing there because it is an old ground that hasn’t changed too much and when the atmosphere gets going the place really starts to rock!!!

Anyway back onto the game, I might have actually been playing right back, can’t really remember, all I know is Ole gave us an early lead, then someone scored for them just before half time, so it was one each going into the break. As you can imagine the Gaffer wasn’t too happy with us conceding at a time like that but he just told us to keep playing our game, stay concentrated at the back and a winner will come. It’s when he says something simple like that, it reassures you, he has won so many titles over the years that you just think he must be right.

It seemed like we had been playing the second half for ages and occasionally you lose track of time, so when Becks got the winner with about ten minutes left we were all relieved and knew we would go on to take all three points. His goal was unbelievable, he must have been at least 30 yards out and although when you see someone in training lash a ball into the top corner from distance it doesn’t always seem that special this one certainly was. The goal helped to establish a young David on his way to the top and from that day I knew he was going to be special.

Dangerman : Danger man would be Bale: He seems to have all the ability in the world, his goal earlier in the season against Stoke was an incredible volley, he has pace, determination, skill and he’s quite a big lad. Reminds me of myself!!! His hat-trick away against Inter Milan was very impressive and I think he’s going to get better as he matures. Maybe he needs to work on his defending but that should come on the training field. Anyway if United can keep him quiet it should be a good day at the Lane.

Maysie’s prediction : 2-1 to United – Berbatov first goal

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  1. Rob

    I agree 2-1. Hope Berbatov and Rooney manage 1 each. A point will be a good result if we don’t play well and our rivals slip up too.

    Hope we play:

    Vds, Rafael, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Nani, Fletcher, Anderson, Giggs, Rooney, Berbatov

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