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David May Preview: United vs Swansea

I’m very excited for the start of the new campaign, we have had a good pre season and apart from a few injuries, LVG says the squad are ready. Most years I don’t take the pre season stuff too seriously but after watching the lads lose all their confidence and belief under Moyes this time it’s been a lot more important. Listening to some of the lads they all seem to respect the new manager, are enjoying a different approach and seem ready for the new challenge. It helped he had a fantastic World Cup because with Moyes the question was always asked, “What have you won?” and he didn’t seem to have a massive profile abroad but that can’t be said for King Louis.

Towards the end of last season I was disappointed we didn’t make the Champions League but now I think it could turn out to be best for us. It gave us a chance to build again without Moyes and although I like the fella it just wasn’t working out. Also it goes without says we didn’t want to be anywhere near the Europa League. LVG now has more time to work with the team before matches, teach the lads his system/philosophy and not waste time traveling half way around Europe to play pointless games against teams we never heard of… COME ON UNITED!

Here’s a quick update on United Nights and how stuff is gonna work this season. As you all know I am a very busy man and the team of people I work with to organise these Charity events do it off their own back, so at the moment it is difficult to find the time to organise the next night and I can’t put a date on it. However I will continue to try and update UnitedNights.com, and our Facebook/Twitter before most games and give you as much wisdom as I can in my always appalling predictions and ever insightful blog. This is the best club in the world and United Nights was born for the best fans in the world!

Prediction : United to win 4-2


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