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David May Statement

David May Statement

David May has issued a statement regarding the recent United Nights cancellation.

The event was scheduled for the night before the Manchester derby but after some “creative” reporting by certain outlets there was no choice but to cancel it after threats had been made and the event had been turned into something that it wasn’t.

We put our own official view on it at the time and David has taken some time out, understandably, to take stock. However he has released a statement via the United Nights website and you can read it here.

Well first of all it is good to be back,

Once again I am sorry about the last United Night being cancelled but it was mainly down to lazy, poor journalism, that was intended to upset and incite the footballing world. Well it did just that, usually I don’t mind appearing on Sky Sports News or in most of the daily papers however not under those circumstances. He upset a lot of people but I am sure he is proud of what he did to get his five minutes of fame. Thankfully I believe in karma.

I do not spend all of my time organising these events to upset other teams or their supporters. I can understand that in the modern world we live in everybody has to be extra careful with exactly what they say and how they say it, so I should not have been surprised but I was dissapointed.

I don’t really want to go into exactly what happened but I would just like to say that the main point of United Nights is for Manchester United football fans around the world to get together, have a good time and if we can make some money for charity along the way all the better.

Right now onto a more positive topic:

“I AM BACK” doing United Nights, MUTV and BBC Red Wednesday amongst other things.

Our next event is Friday 18th March, before we play Bolton at home. Oh and one last thing…………. Good luck to the lads in France, United are going to win 1-2, Wazza to get the first goal!

You are the best fans in the world; we are all a part of the Manchester United family and will Keep The Red Flag Flying!!!

Many thanks



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