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Dear Ed Woodward, What Happened?


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  1. p1zza_face

    IwanLehnert TalkOfTheDevils Enjoyed this mate. Hope he reads it! (Herrera’s little face makes me weep a little)

  2. IwanLehnert

    p1zza_face Cheers Neale! I might’ve (read: totally did) deliberately chosen the most forlorn picture of him that I could find.

  3. domnozahic

    IwanLehnert excellently done sir and made me chuckle once or twice! Bit detecting that all in all the steps you suggest aren’t too hard!

  4. IwanLehnert

    domnozahic ahh, cheers Dom! Really pleased you enjoyed it 🙂 had no idea what the reception would be, if any. Been very surprised!

  5. domnozahic

    IwanLehnert I think it had the perfect mix of light-heartedness and criticism. Pleased to see a measured response amidst the melodrama!

  6. IwanLehnert

    domnozahic big part of that was the fact that I wanted Fellaini anyway, but I felt it was needed consideringthe negativity doing the rounds

  7. domnozahic

    IwanLehnert indeed, indeed. Fellaini in the context of events may seem not great but think he is part of what we need. A v.good signing.

  8. IwanLehnert

    domnozahic Think he’ll be far more important than some people expect. Frees things up nicely in midfield, encourages others to go forward-

  9. IwanLehnert

    domnozahic and he could really help in Europe. So often look lost and scared when we lose possesion in the Champions League.

  10. domnozahic

    IwanLehnert absolutely. He’s said he wants to play CDM which is fine by me. Absolutely okay having a brute next to Carrick.

  11. JonnyBrook1512

    IwanLehnert it’s fine work mate, made 6 starts to writing something similar, just couldn’t string it together as well as you’ve done here.

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