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Who Decides: Giggs Or Moyes?


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  1. dazjenno

    SEF_MUFC TalkOfTheDevils I think the inference there is clear. I understood what was being said, others can make their own mind up

  2. AdamMcKola

    TalkOfTheDevils dazjenno Giggsy’s got a banner. Wouldn’t be surprised to hear it’s true but not sure about this sensationalism!

  3. dazjenno

    AdamMcKola TalkOfTheDevils he does have banner yes, the inference is its not as prominent as perhaps should be and there is one that is

  4. wadatime

    dazjenno SEF_MUFC TalkOfTheDevils is a journo gonna ask the question now its out that giggs ppl requested it can’t see it

  5. inaknows

    missmountshaft TalkOfTheDevils dazjenno anyone for changing the chosen one to a big cut out of Giggsy? #mufc

  6. beemer

    your blogs are depressing in the extreme. I have no idea whether Moyes will succeed not. A little depends on what you mean by success – some are expecting from Moyes what even Ferguson didn’t deliver. i think he will but admit at times i wonder. yet you just relentlessly criticize based on half a season. who would YOU have picked ? Mourinho ? a relentless winner you seem to crave ? please. who else is out there ? 

    you seem to criticize Moyes partly for not being Ferguson, which apart form being both obvious and unfair , is just palin stupid. shame on you

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