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Destroying The Dream


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  1. Rayzor74

    All comments on Moyes are spot on…he is bottle less..clueless and totally inept…he will never “get” United as long as he lives in that little bubble of ordinariness he portrays and has saddled us with. I ranted after the Liverpool tanning that he was absolute bobbins and did not have a scooby doo on tactics..formations..or the united way. I also stated he was an Everton or Preston manager..not a United one. I apologise to the fans of both clubs as given the upturn in particular at Everton since he left, he obviously brings his own low standards and expectations wherever he lands. When Sir Matt left we done the same and went for the cheap option in Wilf McGuinness and we all know how that eventually panned out…we keep getting told he is the right man…can someone tell us why…he’s a chancer!!!

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