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Earn The Right To Moan


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  1. nikhil_81

    Nicely put…but the question tht a lot of us are asking is are we that shit suddenly ? And when if at all there’s a right time for stuff like this do we need to pull the rug under Moyesey’s feet?

  2. Tommy Atkins

    Listen “son”, “get some in!”
    Since supporting since 1948, this is definitely the worst since O’Farrell and Sexton.
    It’s time for a change.
    Sixty Five Years A Red.

  3. Steve Bolton

    You are totally right Season ticket holder for 40years and sit near so called fans who moaned when we won the treble. Fergie mixed Moyes a bottle with the Rooney situation and he knew the squad was weaker than at any time in his reign. Moyes has made mistakes and needs to learn what it means to be Manager of the greatest club in the world. Let’s support him and he will get it right ( hopefully )

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