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Ex-Reds Winger: “United Would Be Mad Not To Sign Vidal”

Former United winger Jules Maiorana says the Reds would be ‘mad’ to miss out on Arturo Vidal.

The Chile midfielder, who currently plays for Juventus in Italy, has been this year’s Wesley Sneijder, that is to say he is a player who seems to have been linked to United solely on the strength of a rumour mill started and generated by social media.

Whenever the question has seriously been put to journalists with real connections, they have more often than not poured cold water on it, and neither club has felt it relevant to comment on the rumours.

Still, that doesn’t stop the speculation among supporters, and as a user of Twitter, Maiorana has seen it all, and believes that in any event, his old club should move in for a transfer. “You see all the talk and that’s all that is… the latest thing is that apparently they’re concerned about is knee. But you take all of it with a pinch of salt”, Maiorana told TalkOfTheDevils.com. “What I would say is that he’s a great player, box to box and quality on the ball. If there’s a possibility of getting him you have to get him. You would be mad not to.”

That’s not to say that the ex-winger feels that United will suffer from a lack of judgement with their new manager. Far from it. “To be honest I wasn’t that impressed with the World Cup, well, the teams in it – Germany aside of course,” admits Jules. “But Holland got to the semi finals with an average squad on the strength of the decisions by their manager. Everyone will remember the two – bringing Huntelaar on for van Persie and then changing the goalkeeper. People thought he was mad but he proved them all, including me, wrong. He’s got some balls but you have to say he’s in a completely different league to David Moyes. I think United, at the moment, are still carrying a few players, but the manager will probably get enough out of them to finish higher than they were last season.”


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