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EXCLUSIVE: Djordjic “Adnan Januzaj Has It All”

We caught up with former United winger Bojan Djordic to ask about his move to India and Team Chennai as well as getting a few thoughts on events at Old Trafford.

Hi Bojan, hope you are well. The first thing to ask is – India! How did the move come about? Last time we spoke it seemed like you were settling in Sweden… India is traditionally a cricket playing country, how have you found the attention to football since being over there?

The India move came about couple of months ago. A very interesting project and idea. It’s true that cricket is massive there, everybody knows it but people love football as well. There’s big interest in the Premier League. It’s a bit of a sleeping giant.

In the 1970’s the NASL in North America had a ‘boom’ with several big name European players – more recently, Australia has done the same… do you see any comparison with those leagues and what is trying to be achieved over there?

Its important that the senior-pros that make the trip over really take their time and develop the game and players. Especially the youth. That’s Indias future.

There’s been a lot of change at United. Louis van Gaal has come in and taken charge – you’ve been around the continent for a while, just how highly is van Gaal rated in Europe?

Everybody rates Van Gaal of course. He is a proven manager. But you should never trust pre-season friendlies. He needs time to put this team together. I’m confident he will take the team to at least a Champions League spot. He has done this before. He’s not a rookie in this game.

You were one of many players to be described as the next ‘Giggs’, Adnan Januzaj has recently inherited the number 11 shirt and whoever remembers you playing for us can probably remember similarities between you and Adnan. Do you think he has the ability to do well in that shirt?

Never compare anyone to Giggsy. It’s just not fair when you think what that man has achieved. But Adnan has it all. He’s a confident young man that Van Gaal will use even more during the season in a right way. Number 11 is like number 7. You have to earn it at Old Trafford.

How long do you expect to be in India for?

I will return to AIK when the India adventure is finished. That’s the deal between me and the club. Swedish season is different so I won’t miss much. We play March/April-Oktober/November here.

Good luck to Bojan and thanks for his time. Bojan featured in my book ‘Fergie’s Fledglings’ and his story is one that has got plenty of attention. Check it out on Amazon.


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