EXCLUSIVE : United Legend Hill “Martin Atkinson Bottled Pen Decision” | Manchester United News

EXCLUSIVE : United Legend Hill “Martin Atkinson Bottled Pen Decision”


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  1. timbo59

    Talk about inconsistency. Only a few years ago Carrick was penalized in exactly the same circumstances, with his arm hanging out as the ball blasted in from close range. I’d be sending a video clip of the incident to both the ref and his bosses with a ‘please explain’ note attached. The interpretation is pretty simple,  at least as recent history suggests. No player is going to be called for a penalty on being struck on the arms if they’re close in to his body from a close range shot he has zero time to react to. But if they’re hanging out, even in response to natural movement, the ref will penalize on the basis that the player is trying to widen himself in preparation for lateral movement defensively either way. United were clearly robbed – even Lampard went on record claiming he thought that a penalty would be given.

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