Five reasons why 6ft2 star midfielder is better than Pogba at Man United | Manchester United News

Five reasons why 6ft2 star midfielder is better than Pogba at Man United

Five reasons why 6ft2 star midfielder is better than Pogba at Man United
A decade playing for the biggest club in England is not to be sniffed at. 35 year old Michael and at 6ft2, the former Tottenham man has been a peripheral figure this season under Jose Mourinho, but is set to show his worth to the team in the forthcoming weeks. Sadly, his contract ends in June 2017, and there has been no talks with his representatives for a renewal. From January, he is free to discuss with foreign clubs and can sign a pre-contract agreement to join as a free agent in the summer. Yet, there are reasons why his current deal should be extended for at least another year.

15 years playing in the English top flight means there are no scenarios that are strange to Carrick. The highs and lows of the game have been evident in his career and his experience is crucial for the development of the new generation of players wearing the colours of the club. He will pass on the importance and prestige of giving their all in the famous red shirt.

Dressing room harmony
Some players are needed for the harmony and unity of the dressing room, and Carrick fits the bill. The player is a voice in the dressing room as a senior player. He is respected all over the club as his career has never been tainted by scandals and controversies. Lack of leaders in the dressing room is always fatal for a team in transition like United. He will help to diffuse pressure on the younger players when the going gets tough for the team.

Style of play
As a deep lying playmaker, Carrick offers a balance in the midfield on the pitch. He is calm in possession, and is great at interceptions, thereby launching passes to the forward players. His presence on the pitch will offer Paul Pogba to play further forward and do damage, while Ander Herrera around him will offer the solidity in midfield.

Relationship with fans
As Michael Carrick isn’t the modern footballer, who is flashy, the fans have a closer affinity to him. If his deal isn’t extended, there might be a backlash. The fans view him as the footballer who not blessed with the best of talent, has worked hard on his game to remain relevant. They identify with his humility, something they find strange in this world of egoistic and overpaid footballers.

After football prospects
Carrick hasn’t hidden his intention to go into management after his footballing career comes to an end. Staying at the club will ensure he has the right, familiar and seamless environment to take into coaching just like Ryan Giggs.

The importance of Michael Carrick to our club cannot be overemphasized and it will be best for all parties if his contract is renewed.


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