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Why Does Our Football Club Hate Us?


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  1. Marc

    Very interesting post, it seems there has been much division within the fanbase currently. One could argue that the tide is turning more towards the Moyes out camp with each defeat and interview with the press.  Nonetheless whilst I do am not aiming to take a swipe at Mr Moyes on this occasion. Surely the tension and sense of disillusion within the club in general would fade (even in a small manner) with David Moyes departure.

  2. Adam

    An excellent post and I completely agree to what you’re saying. I remember when the “Tara Fergie. 4 years and it’s still crap” was flown. They weren’t opposed to that, were they ? And, when it all turned out so well, the fan himself said that he was ashamed to make such a decision. Shouldn’t we be given a chance to voice out our opinion as well ? If it all turns out good for Moyes, I don’t mind becoming the laughing stock, but right now, he is.
    And, remember them scousers holding up the “Moyes, Football Genius” banner ? That is allowed ? Fu*k

  3. ratbag

    The #Moyesout debate has been aired and discussed for many months now on different fans forums. The consensus appears to be that Moyes is out of his depth and whilst he may be a nice chap and all that, he cannot handle the job at United and has pretty much betrayed the way we like to have football played. We are so much worse off under him it is almost laughable.

    The ‘conspiracy’ within Old Trafford to support Moyes has little foundation in the larger fanbase. Most want him to be sacked now or at worst at the end of the season. 

    Mr. Moyes, please leave now before you do irreparable damage to my club.


  4. MancRed

    Banner… please have more class… we’re not Citeh you’re not airing your views your just embarrassing us!

    Scared of the club?… get a grip FFS!

    Say in the running of the club!?… what do you want a referendum on the next manager or a poll for signings!?  We’ve never had a say and never will!

    The singing section!… this is a good thing… i stand in the Stretford End 2nd tier where the atmosphere is always good… on the occasion it hits a lull we hear nothing from anywhere else in the ground… if people in the J stand can;t see that the fans and the club are trying to create some more atmosphere at the end of the ground where the away fans normally generate most of the noise then they need a slap… join in or move! If they don’t want to sing along and join in with any atmosphere, why are the even there in the 1st place!

    Bored with the whole Moyes debate now the club won’t sack him because the “spoilt” yes spoilt majority of United fans can;t see that the club, Ferguson and everyone has run through the last 4 years with so much complacency that anyone would have endured a difficult season this year!  This is Ferguson’s most average squad, no-one challenged us last season, the football has been poor to watch for 2 maybe 3 years not just this season! When we needed a replacement for Scholes in midfield Ferguson told us there was no value in the market not that he refused to pay Sneijder £250k a week… and then spent £32 million on the laziest striker known to man in Berbatov!
    Why has it never gone public that Muelensteen and Phelan were offered prominent roles in Moyes backroom staff Muelensteen was offered assistant manager!  Both turned it down in search of management positions elsewhere, if they were so highly regarded in football why are they both now unemployed!?

    Moyes has made mistakes yes, both on and off the pitch!  But the club let him down last summer, we desperately need a midfield and they fumbled around chasing unrealistic targets (Fabregas) rather than just getting some deals done that they could! and then panic bought with Fellaini, they could have signed him any time during the summer so why wait until the last day!?

    And I will point out as well that this myth that Ferguson attracted world class players!?  RVP and Veron aside who did Fergie ever sign that was a genuine proven world class talent!?  He tried and failed on numerous occassions… Ronaldinho, Kluivert, Shearer, Gasgoigne, Hazard, Lucas Moura all turned him down!  Even Cantona was a massive gamble given his record in France! but he never performed in Europe!

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