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Forever And Ever – Arturo Vidal

Forever and ever the problem appears to have raged. The centre midfield of Manchester United once owned imperiously by the likes of Robson, Keane and Scholes now belongs to a handful of red shirted scufflers, not even remotely on the same planet, never mind league as the three legends mentioned.

The imminent signing of Angel Di Maria, though welcomed does in no way address the lack of skill, pace and aggression that exists in the middle of the park.

What Sir Alex Ferguson achieved in draining the very last modicum of genius from Paul Scholes is both astonishing and at the same time an indictment of other midfielders at the club deemed not good enough. And when Ferguson was forced to act and entice Scholes back out of retirement and into the midst of battle, alarm bell should have sounded loudly then.

Money should have been spent four years ago enabling United to take on the likes of Barca in two champions league finals, and later City in the middle to give us a fair chance of beating them. And not to be overwhelmed and ultimately humiliated in an area of the field once guarded by red giants.

This proved both uncomfortable and ultimately soul destroying for supporters.
And still the problem has not been resolved?

Already in this supposedly easy beginning to the league campaign it is becoming blatantly obvious we remain bereft of top class centre midfielders. Mostly ours are above average at best.

This simply is not acceptable for a club of Manchester United’s standing.

Of the options available. Fletcher, Cleverley, Anderson, Fellaini, Carrick, Herrera and Mata.

Only perhaps the last two now possess the necessary mobility, technique and tactical nous to compete at the highest level.

Even then with our two Spanish matadors there is a distinct lack of physical presence. One that is sure to be exposed when the blue shirted Ya Ya Toure comes pounding into view.
I am so tired of seeing what was once the heartbeat of past United teams being overrun in terms of power and skill.
You win the middle of the park and the battle is all but won.

And so before the deadline Louis Van Gaal must act and cause heart attacks in Florida by demanding even more of ‘our money’ to ensure Arturo Vidal be taken from the flailing arms of the old lady of Turin and swap Juve black and white for United red.

Then and only with Vidal firing and injury free can Old Trafford become again a fearsome place to visit. When teams were beaten in the tunnel and feared crossing the halfway line in case they were hit on the break.

Not anymore, but somehow and at any cost United have to grab this back. Besides it is only money. Would you rather not see it on the pitch than in the pockets of leeches whom are slowly sucking the very life out of this football club?

De Gea, Rafael, Jones Rojo, Shaw, Herrera, Vidal Mata, Di Maria, Rooney, Van Persie…
If firing this I believe is as good a United team since 2008. Different in terms of how they would operate under a Van Gaal stewardship, but one easily capable of competing at the premiership summit.

Surely now is the time to finally mend this gaping hole, one that has been blatantly obvious to so many but invisible to those we deem capable of running our club.

Forever and ever our centre midfield has been a blind spot. Hopefully next time Toure comes charging through like a German panzer tank he meets a red shirted Vidal, who dumps him on his backside, before setting up Di Maria to fly down the left wing. Di Maria’s crosses for a late arriving Herrera to smash home a twenty yard volley past the shampoo guy off the telly.

We can but dream.

His name is Arturo Vidal. Time to act.


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