Gordon Hill : “Liverpool Aren’t Top Class; United Have The Edge” | Manchester United News

Gordon Hill : “Liverpool Aren’t Top Class; United Have The Edge”


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  1. alun davies

    Who is this joker!!! Every small team? Lets hope the Kings of Europe make the Mancs eat their ugly words!!!! Who have Man u got who is world class? Van Persie and thats it!!! Liverpool have Gerrard and Suarez!!!!Come on the Pool!!!

    1. Triumph

      Kings of Europe?? Bless, can’t beat a scouse still stuck in the 80’s. Bet you’ve got a great perm and a really cool ‘tash.

  2. Alan

    No surprise this no mark would criticize Liverpool.

    He must still have nightmares about watching Liverpool win everything when he was trying to pass himself off as a player.

  3. michael

    I hope Suarez scores a right dodgy goal this weekned, will really twist those manc nips on their way back down south after the game.

  4. mick

    Gordon WHO?.

    Man Hoof, RVP aside, Overrated long ball dross who can’t defend, reliant on the opposition rolling over, the referees giving you dodgy penalties and sending opposition players off.

    Stoke with frills.

  5. kevwe

    Who is dis joker !,he hasn’t said anything of note at all d only thing he managed 2 express is his intellectually emaciated and battered psychology by vintage LFC. Y.N.W.A

  6. John

    Yep thats right lads, United are crap and Liverpool have a great team, thats why youre top of the league while we’re stuck in mid-table……..oh wait a minute….ooops haha

    stick to defending racists you deluded bin-dippers

  7. andy bl

    I think i just about remember Gordon Hill,he was crap!, united were in the wilderness for 25 years not just off the pace,gone completely,enough said.

  8. Paul

    Gordon hill born April 1st 1954 played for manure between 75-78 won
    1 fa cup an 1charity shield…says it all really!!
    BR had no choice to do ‘that’ documentary as it was already organised
    before he came in, as for Sturridge, he hasn’t been giving playing time
    since Bolton were his record was impressive.
    Saying we have ‘no great players’ is a joke too, how can a former pro who
    wasn’t great himself judge current pro’s, oh he played for united, Sorry!!
    Save the jokes for your birthday Gord!!

  9. Asim Asghar

    Yes it’s utter jealousy on our part… We wish we had Liverpools team, fans, manager, fanbase etc.. Haha you deluded retards… Face it you’re now just average at best.. Are a long way off being the best team in Liverpool let alone the land. As for Sunday it’s a win-win for you lot, you win it’s ‘oh we’re amazing’.. You lose ‘told you all because of Howard Webb’.. Grow up an accept you’re no longer a force

  10. wesUTD

    Think Mr Hill’s comments are fair. History aside, this current LFC team are average at best and on paper we should expect 3 points, no question. The fact this is a grudge match and probably LFC’s biggest game they’ll have all season, tells me the game won’t be straight forward by any means. If the players are up for it, match their work-rate and our superior quality should win us the game.

  11. Dean

    Go Pool show these stupid Mankie *ankers how to put loud arrogant mouths in their place,I wish Suarez when he scores does a swan dive celebrating in front of The old Scotsman and he chokes on his gum!i love it bring it on you protesting cheats that have pressurized refs and manipulated games (let’s not forget about diving Ronaldo) You guys have been so arsey with your 7 min extra time and your penalties that occur because otherwise Fergie gets the ref banned . Cheats you are the biggest ever but your turn is coming hahahahaha let’s see who laughs loudest

  12. wesUTD

    Go check the stats on added time whilst losing and you’ll realise ‘fergie time’ is just a term used by jealous/bitter rivals. FACHT. It amuses me how people can come on a forum and totally humiliate themselves when all it takes is 10/15 mins research on google to find the truth. You’re opinion counts for nothing if every point you make is factually incorrect. FACHT

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