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Great Expectations

The transfer window is officially open. Clubs are doing business, Liverpool have been busy, Arsenal have signed Petr Cech, Chelsea have signed Falcao – who must surely now be content to be a squad player and City, like United are being linked with any and every player in the upper echelons of the game.

United’s pre season tour of America is fast approaching and one would think some business would like to be concluded before the arduous trip around the states. It seems the De Gea saga will rumble on well into the window, adding to the mix the Ramos interest, this is a story with any outcome possible. United are playing hardball, this is so refreshing; we are no longer being bullied by the mighty Real Madrid, we are standing toe to toe, two giants, two super powers and it will be fascinating and a ‘real’ statement of intent if United come out on top.

The Red Devils are being linked with superstars, the biggest names in the game this summer. Money is not an object, which may well be a hindrance than a help as clubs begin to hold us to ransom. The offer for Morgan Schneiderlin turned down and ridiculous amounts being announced for a defender in Sergio Ramos, a statement signing for sure, but let’s hope we aren’t throwing good money into bad business. Mata, Fellaini, Di Maria, Herrera and Depay are good players but Ed Woodward’s willingness to express our financial clout has meant we are likely to pay over the odds yet again.

An observation in evaluating what was missing last season was there to see, defensive leadership, a lack of creativity and a goalscoring outlet. In Louis van Gaal we have slowly seen a transference of solidarity and confidence, he is able to absorb pressure with his narrative to the media, shielding his players from the the failings of last season. His management style is effective in proportion to the amount of certainty he can project onto the players and confidence has slowly began to shine through in certain players, the likes of Smalling and Young have really shone through and through patience the fans hope of success is being rekindled.

It has taken United a year to adapt to the managers needs and ideas, but slowly, they have. Another 5 or 6 players in may well disrupt the harmony and the balance of the squad again, it is a must, we must start the season with a bang, unlike last season, on the back foot from the beginning. The danger of so many new faces in may well mean another settling in period for many. We can not afford this this time around. This is season two of LVG’s plan and progress must be made. Many a United fan would rather throw a coin into a wishing well than buy themselves a dinner if it meant the dreams of success would turn into reality once again. The question has to be asked. What is best for United… Evolution?… Or revolution?

Many a fan might well claim we need a revolution, Ramos, Schweinsteiger, Bale, Muller and on and on the merry go round will go. Surely though evolution is the answer, keep the foundations of the club to that we know. A backbone of players that know what it means to don the famous shirt of United. Strengthen wisely, invest in players that are hungry and not just after a pay cheque…

So in LVG we must trust, he achieved his quota in his first season and although different the fruits of his labour started to shine through at the end of the season to give us encouragement we are making strides forward and not moving along at a stagnant pace. It is pointless racing forwards only to hit a red light, we can see improvement and with the right recruitment can seriously mount a challenge once again. If we believe LVG’s big black book he carries with him every game as his stone tablet, engraved into it the secret formula for his 3 year plan, his at times aloof approach is a masterful plan already set in motion to achieve the success he has so promised.

Manchester United demand trophies, success and dominance, even when we achieve it once again nothing is ever fulfilled, to the very end, even then we crave more success.

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