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How do you solve a problem like De Gea?


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  1. Philip Gatt

    Very good post, though I don’t necessarily agree 100%.

    I still think De Gea is an excellent keeper,and still hope he’ll make it at United, but I don’t feel as comfortable as I felt about him a few weeks ago, especially when I read articles like this.

    Of course he’d do better in Spain, keepers seem to be more protected over there. It’s up to him to realise that and start using all his strength to push players off when he’s in his area.

    Again, well done on a very well-written article.

  2. jo

    You give him time!!!

    Van Der Sar was a joke during his period at Juventus, everyone laughed at his mistakes…which were not an incredible number, but curiously similar to De Gea’s at the moment…

    De Gea kept us in the game against Spurs and then came that final cross… Basically he is an amazing goalie and just needs time and less of these daft attacks on his ability.

    anyone seen the mistakes of that Liverpool chap, or how about Arse’s Szczesny…for some reason he is still rated highly but makes howlers more often that De Gea.

    Give us all a break and find another story…

  3. Oliver

    We’ve given him more than enough time. This article is spot on, he needs to go back to Spain or his career will be ruined at United and he’ll damage our season too. Begovic, Valdes, Vorm, whoever, just get someone who can handle the Premier League.

    De Gea’s ‘shot stopping’ is not perfect. He sometimes makes over-theatrical saves, and he also often watches shots fly past his without moving. That’s the most frustrating thing for me. If you want to be a United GK, at least make it look like you care… Good article.

  4. chioma ifejiofor

    i totally agree with jo. De gea is a great goalie. An exceptionally talented one at that. Some of the saves he made against totenham were truely outstanding. We might have been two goals down at the end of the match were it not for the boy’s heroics. Surprisingly all any one cares about is the goal he conceeded. Am still of the opinion that he should be given time to complete his learning process at united. We would reap the dividends in the long run. Signing a goalie that age we certainly were not expecting the finished article. That said, tell me which keeper in the world does not commit howlers now and then? Even van der sar supposedly in his prime when he came to united committed a few howlers. I have high hopes that de gea will make it at united. I would hate 2 see him making positive headlines for another club (remember pogba?). The question is ‘are we prepared to exercise patience with de gea’

  5. adam webb

    Yeah give him time – and watch City retain the title… You think he’s suffering now. I have a horrible feeling they’ll be more serious ‘title-deciding’ howlers, come May. Not to mention facing Ronaldo & Co. I understand he is young but starting at OT is not a platform to start your career. If I was Fergie I’d look to bring in Valdes, before the end of the month – this kid is going to really damage our trophy haul.

  6. Daz Jenno

    Firstly thanks for your opinions and contributions. I read them all and am always very appreciative, even when you disagree with my view. Its yourselves that make the site what it is so please continue to read and contribute.

    Yes its very true, as some have pointed out that all keepers make mistakes and I do remember significant erors from Van der Sar and the man I consider to be the greatest of all keepers Peter Schmeichel. The difference is that De Gea keeps making the SAME mistake. In every game I’ve seen him he makes a poor choice on a cross or executes a catch/punch very poorly. Some games he gets away with it and in some he doesn’t. Thats the worry, not that he makes a mistake but that he seems incapable of addressing that mistake.

    I’d love the lad to succeed at United but I just can’t see it now and there seems to be more and more chatter that he will go back to Spain. I read a few articles last night that convinced me there was no smoke without fire and then I logged into twitter and saw a United fan I really respect had just come to the same conclusion.

    As much as its great that United fans are backing him you can’t deny your heart is in your mouth every time a cross comes into our box. Defenders can’t play in a constant state of fear of what the guy behind them will do so I think an amicable parting of the waves will take place in the summer.

  7. Jorge Curioso

    What hasn’t been mentioned is the ball that he parried right to Defoe, just like he has done in a number of previous matches. He got away with it this time, just. He doesn’t seem to be learning.

  8. John Stephenson

    De-Gea,s problem is high crosses into the box. He must commit himself WITHOUT fear and CATCH the ball instead of punching it. If you want to be a top class goal-keeper….fear has not to come into it.
    O.k. injury could result…..but that is all part and parcel of the position.
    Schmaichel and Van De Sar NEVER showed fear when going for a high ball in any situation….ans De-Gea MUST do the same

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