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How to Train Like a Footballer

How to Train Like a Footballer


Constantly, the RetroUnited team become inspired by the Manchester United boys as they battle on the football field. In order to reach top athlete status, every day they must endure intense workouts. Sometimes we wonder just what a typical Manchester United workout day looks like? We may never get to experience the same workout as them.

However, there are ways to improve your own health by training just like a professional footballer. Here are a few ways to step up your training routine to improve your health.

Buy the Right Gear

Footballers need uniforms that allow agility, lightweight material, and comfortable shoes for long runs. Start your training by purchasing the proper workout wear. Purchase loose fitting, light fabrics so that you can easily run throughout the field, track, or park.

Invest in a comfortable pair of shoes with good traction. Purchase either specific soccer shoes, walking ones, or cross-training shoes. DICK’S Sportings Good and Athleta are a few affordable places to shop for fitness gear and accessories. Save on your athletic or fitness purchases with DICK’s and Athleta’s Groupon coupons.

Endurance Training

Football players need to have enough stamina and endurance to run back and forth for hours. Footballers’ matches generally include running 8 miles in 90 minute intervals. Build your own endurance by running, walking, jogging, and sprinting daily in various directions.

Many professional football teams practice building endurance for at least two hours. These practices consists of running, jogging, and walking while playing mini-matches in-between.

Strength Training

Increasing your strength is the second most important part of training like a professional footballer. Strength training helps players fend off their components during matches. It also reduces injuries, boosts metabolism, and improves balance.

Perform lunges, squats, push ups, and high pulls to work on your strength building.

Speed and Agility

Endurance and strength are critical to succeed in playing football, but speed and agility are an even bigger component to success. A player can have great endurance and strength abilities, but if they’re too slow, they’ll get outplayed every time.

Test and improve your speed by running a speed test. Sprint more than 30 yards and time your performance. Running the sprint in 5.0 seconds is considered a good time. Most football players run it in about 4.0 seconds.

Constantly practice this until you improve your running time.

Improve your agility by doing an intense 30 minute warm up before your exercises.  Make sure to include walking lunges, high kicks, jump squats, and push presses.

Work the Ball

In a confined area, dribble the soccer ball with the inside and outside of your feet. Pass the ball back and forth with your feet. Also move the ball with your chest, knees, and head. This helps you burn fat and improve endurance.

Eat Like a Player

Training like a footballer should also involve eating like one. Professional athletes have very strict diets, so it’s hard to exactly match their diets, but here are some general tips that may improve yours:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat 4-6 small meals a day, include snacks as well
  • Fuel with food right after your workout
  • Each meal needs to include fruit or vegetables, proteins, whole grains, and a starchy carb.
  • Don’t eat sugars, pastries, junk food, pop, alcohol, or tobacco
  • Do not eat before you sleep




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