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Why I’d Rather Sell Van Persie Than Welbeck


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  1. SpanishRed

    You don’t mention the most important attribute of a striker, goalscoring. The problem with that for Welbeck is that he isn’t very good at it. Given time to think he will miss the target 99 times out of 100, although he does improve on these figures when he hasn’t time to think.
    This proves that he isn’t very good at another important part of the strikers role, thinking.
    So, we should keep a “striker” who doesn’t think and doesn’t score goals, (but he works hard and runs around a lot), and we should sell a striker who will, if fit, score over thirty goals per season.
    I notice you don’t show a chart of Welbeck’s scoring prowess, you would have to show how many goals he scores per ninety games never mind ninety minutes!
    The other question to take into consideration is this: Why is there no interest being shown in Welbeck by Chelsea or Manchester City? The answer is very simple, he would be lucky to get on the bench with either of them. An average player at best, get rid and bring some genuine world class talent in.

  2. KhalikZaman

    Complete and utter idiocy, it’s an absolutely ludicrous thing to suggest. 

    I for one have no need to look at stats and columns to make up my mind about this article.

    The amount of times i have seen Danny  Welbeck miss control a ball or fall over is unbelievable for a professional footballer.
    To actually compare him in the same breath as a world renowned striker of Van Persie’s ability is farcical. It’s so laughable i refused to read your’e article because of the pathetic rhetoric you are suggesting

  3. Joemanutd

    Spot on article. Completely agree. Van persie is a finisher. That’s it. Too many fans think that just because he is a bit clumsy he can’t play. Well open your eyes to the big picture. He is fast, strong, intelligent (do you think it’s down to luck that he is always on the ball?), confident in possession, and he makes an impact. Read interviews with italian or spanish defenders about marking welbeck in the champions league. They hate playing against him. Van persie on his day is amazing, but I can’t remember the last time he was. Welbeck should be first choice right now. End of. If he plays consistently he’ll get 20 goals a season and about 15 assists.

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