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Kevin Pilkington on the Barbados Masters Trip

Kevin Pilkington on the Barbados Masters Trip

Former United goalkeeper and contributor Kevin Pilkington was in Barbados for the first British Airways Barbados legends tournament representing Manchester United over the last week. United won the tournament and Kevin starred – now he’s back in England, he shared his thoughts on the trip with us.

Congratulations – at any level, particularly against fellow pros and ex-pro’s, it’s got to be fantastic to win?

Obviously it was a bit of fun but it was nice to win as well especially against the calibre of teams we played against. To play against Zola, Shearer, Poyet, Di Matteo and a lot more was fantastic. Never thought that I would get that chance again!

Of course you played with some of the United players in the mid 90s. How was it seeing the lads again?

It was great seeing and playing with all the lads again and they all made me feel very welcome. I hadn’t met Jesper, Dwight or Quinton before but you would never have known.

You kept a clean sheet (pretty good effort to do that in a six a side!) against Blackburn – and were compared to Dino Zoff in your performance! It’s always nice for a goalie to be able to point to a crucial part in winning something isn’t it?

Every one played there part in the games but it’s always nice not to concede! As you said in six a side with full size goals you expect to be busy! I thought all the keepers were fantastic and all of them have still got it.

Despite that clean sheet I’m sure Maysie didn’t shut up about the fact he (somehow) hit a hat-trick in one of the games… Which do you rate as the better performance, yours or his??

Definitely mine!!! Actually strange as it seems I think he was our top goal scorer!

It was the first tournament of its kind in Barbados – how was the overall experience, and are you looking forward to taking part again?

It was a fantastic experience. The place was beautiful and the people of Barbados were so welcoming and friendly! It is certainly an island that I would go back to. As for the actual tournament I enjoyed it so much! Just to play with and against the players I did was an honour and a privilege and I got to play football with Brian Lara! I would love to go back again next year!

Highlights of the tournament will be shown on Sky Sports in early July.

Kevin provides superb post match reflection for – Follow him on Twitter.


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