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Kevin Pilkington Review : Bolton

Kevin Pilkington Review : Bolton

As ever, former Manchester United goalkeeper and class of 1992 goalkeeper Kevin Pilkington gives us his thoughts on the Premier League, with the 5-0 win at Bolton the topic this time around.

Another superb performance at the Reebok and 5 more goals. I don’t know where we can possibly start – I suppose, who stood out most for you?

Obviously Rooney and Hernandez but every week I think I’m falling in love with Phil Jones! The guy is brilliant. So composed when defending and even more so when attacking. My vote for young player of season already! He’s an unbelievable talent and I look forward to seeing more of him.

The bad news is that Cleverley is injured – the good news is that Cleverley’s level of performance has obviously hit a note with Carrick who played with a speed and urgency we aren’t used to from him. Do you think the way we have started the season may well send a message to the other members of the squad?

I think Sir Alex made the statement after the Barca game about having to match them and I think that’s what they have worked on in pre season. Every single player is looking to play at a tempo especially in the last third and all the players are stepping up to the plate. The football has been great to watch and I hope it continues!

We talked about De Gea after the Arsenal game and how he made some good saves. A lot of pressure was on him yesterday with even a hint he may be rested away from Bolton’s physical nature; but he played, did everything well and was barely even noticed. Is that just as good, from a keepers point of view, as a game where you make 5 world class saves?

I thought his performance was very good. He did every thing asked of him and it will be great for his confidence. I must admit that before the game I was a little worried but he came through with flying colours!

You yourself were back in action as a United representative in the Masters final last week… how was it?

Haha! Loved every minute of it, especially stepping on to the pitch with Roy Keane again! In my opinion one of the best players ever to wear a United shirt… Shame we didn’t score a few more goals!

You were probably our best player to be fair with many great saves – how weird is it for you , having come through the ranks, to be back involved with the club on the legends tour and this kind of environment when so many of the class of 1992 are on their way out??

Like I said before it’s an honor to represent United at anything. To be asked to play with legends is great and I’ll keep doing it if asked.

A little talk on Luton.. you’ve started the season well, but you seem to have adopted United’s away form from last season! Are you happy with how the season’s going?

Yeah we have drawn a couple to many but we are still unbeaten. We had a great result against Darlington at the weekend and we are hoping to kick on but we have a tough game tonight against Telford!

Good luck to Kevin and his teammates tonight.


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