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Kevin Pilkington Review: Chelsea, Leeds and Stoke City

Kevin Pilkington Review: Chelsea, Leeds and Stoke City

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Kevin Pilkington looks back on the Chelsea, Leeds and Stoke games in a chat with Yolkie.

6 games, 5 wins and a draw. Considering we have had three of the biggest games we could have at Old Trafford, have we exceeded your own expectations for the start of the season?

It’s been a great start to the season especially as United have had some very tough games. I think the most pleasing aspect has been the style of football played and also the performance of all the youngsters. Hopefully that will continue throughout the season.

Before the game against Chelsea it was discussed as the biggest test our team had faced; it was certainly a tough game. Were you impressed by the character of the likes of Jones and Anderson to play their natural game even in the face of tough opposition? And against Stoke (again mooted as our toughest test), we suffered injuries before and during the game, and had to rely on De Gea a little…

I thought that the Chelsea game was a very hard game and even though United were not at their best, they still ground out a great result. And as we have seen in the past that is typical of United. As I have said in previous weeks Jones has impressed me immensely! Playing beyond his years. Anderson has stepped up his game also and I think he is relishing the responsibility that is being given to him.

Against Stoke, I thought it was a solid performance from the whole team but especially De Gea. I think everyone knew what was coming his way but I thought he stood up to it superbly. He made three fantastic saves and is starting to look the part. The injuries are worrying but I’m sure the size and quality of the squad will be good enough to see it through!

What a goal from Nani against Chelsea (and against Stoke wasn’t too shabby) – and we’ve seen some spectacular ones from United already this season – where does that rank for you among them?

That (the Chelsea goal) is right up there. The power and accuracy he got in the shot was unbelievable and I wouldn’t like to be on the receiving end! There have been some fantastic goals already this season and I’m sure there will be a lot more. Looking forward to the goal of the season competition already!

It’s our best league start since Ron Atkinson was in charge. Bookies are already making us odds on to retain the league. Are you confident or do you think it’s a bit early to be making such predictions?

I do think it is too early for all that as there has only been 6 games so far. I think when you look at the table at the end of December that’s when it really starts to take shape and hopefully United will be in the same position.

Darren Fletcher has been back in league action – how did he look to you?

He looks good. Obviously there will be a bit of rustiness about his game but his energy looks to be ok, so hopefully his illness is all behind him now. He has been a big player for United in the big games so they need him firing on all cylinders.

What did you think of the the team at Leeds with Fryers and Pogba making their debuts?

I really enjoyed watching the game at Leeds and it was nice seeing even more youngsters being introduced into the first team. I thought they all played very well and looked really confident which is really pleasing as they could have froze – especially in that atmosphere.

Giggs scored two cracking goals in a week, can he still play a big part this season?

He will still play a huge part in United’s season. Someone with that experience will bring a calming influence on the team even if he is sat on the bench. Also, he will help the young players when it gets to the crucial parts of the season and the big games.

Thanks, as ever, to Kevin for his time, and good luck to him and his Luton team as they bid to get promotion back to the Football League.


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