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Kevin Pilkington Review : Chelsea

Kevin Pilkington Review : Chelsea

Yolkie : A Champions League Final and on the brink of the 19th league championship.. there can’t have been many better weeks in the history of the club – though there might be one at the end of May!

Kevin : Yes, a fantastic week for United! A terrific performance on Wednesday night by a so called second team and then today’s magnificent performance! Let’s hope we will feel this way after Saturday 28 May!

Yolkie : With so much at stake, and history there for the players, they’d be forgiven for being as nervous as the supporters as the game started – but there was a sensational start with Hernandez scoring. How important was the early goal for you?

Kevin : The early goal settled everyone’s nerves I think, especially mine! I was jumping round the room when that went in! You can only dream of scoring a goal that early so for it to happen was great. It put United in control and they didn’t look back.

Yolkie : It was fitting as well that Giggs – probably the best player on the day – and Vidic – probably our best this season – combined to score the second. What did you make of our overall performance?

Kevin : Apart from a ten minute period in the second half when Chelsea scored I thought they were very comfortable. Every player was playing at the top of their game. You couldn’t point the finger at any player saying they were poor. Van der Sar was his usual cool calm self making saves when needed. Rio and Vidic very assured. I don’t know where Park gets his energy from and always delivers in big games. Never seen any one give Cole such a hard time as Valencia did today, he tore him to shreds. But the best of the lot was Giggsy! Unbelievable he just gets better. One of the best centre midfielders in the world at the moment.

Yolke : A couple of dodgy penalty decisions, the Chelsea goal and United missing chances – it half looked as if we were going to throw it away – did you always think we’d hold on?

Kevin : Yes, I was always confident that we would hold on, although another goal would have been nice, even though I put a bet on for United to win 2-1! United had plenty of chances to score more goals but hopefully they are saving them for Barca!!

Yolkie : As an ex-player and a supporter – what does it mean that United are about to clich a record breaking 19th title?

Kevin : It’s a massive achievement to make it 19 league titles, especially as it means we will overtake the scousers!! Since the Premiership has started they have been the most dominant team and they deserve all the credit that they get!


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