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Kevin Pilkington Review : Liverpool

Kevin Pilkington Review : Liverpool

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Kevin Pilkington gives his views on the Liverpool game…

First of all, how surprised were you by the selection? Dropping Rooney and Nani were two big calls…

Two massive calls! But the Gaffer knows what he is doing. With all the press attention around Rooney I’m sure he thought it was for the best. And Nani has had a great start to the season so to see him not play was a surprise.

Despite that, an understrength team played admirably to quite comfortably contain Liverpool up until the point where Adam rather creatively won a free kick. What was your view on the rather easy way Liverpool players threw themselves about?

Half the team that didn’t play and were sat on the bench would walk into any other Premier League team so to come away with a point was a decent result. That sums the Premier League up at the moment, too many players going to ground too easily and it really annoys me. I was watching the rugby at the weekend and I know it’s totally different but I’m looking at the players getting smashed all over the park and not one is rolling around like a baby! Even at our game last night (Luton played Wrexham on Tuesday night) there were players rolling around and then getting up like a miracle had just happened. I hate it!

Welbeck led the line brilliantly and assisted the goal with a smart flick, Chicharito of course scored the goal. Who for you is first choice alongside Rooney at the moment?

It’s difficult. Welbeck has looked very good since the start of the season with his all round play and goals but Chicharito scores goals. He is a natural goal scorer so for me I would play him.

Phil Jones played his third position for us already – I imagine his role was probably to be a holding midfielder but as Fletcher and Giggs were more disciplined, Jones found himself pushing on more than they did. How did you view his performance?

He just keeps impressing me. I think you could stick him in goal and he would keep a clean sheet! He has got such good energy that he can get all over the park especially knowing that you have two players protecting you.

De Gea was brilliant again, while Ferdinand, Evans and Evra all played well.. who stood out for you?

I think De Gea made two very important saves towards the end of the game, so for me, him. He is starting to prove people wrong and I hope it continues.

Any comments on this rather controversial Evra and Suarez story?

You’ve got two people’s word so it’s hard to say who’s telling the truth. No place for racism but, also, no place for making it up. Who’s in the wrong? Only those two know.

Fair enough… After taking on Chelsea and Arsenal with 4-4-2 it was a bit of a surprise to see us go back to the 4-5-1 system we’ve used a lot over the last 2 years. How do you expect to see us line up next Sunday?

I don’t care as long as we beat City! Anyone got a spare ticket?!


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  1. rowan

    very fair, non agro summary compared to most mancunian blogs. fair play all round. we should see a more open match at OT between these 2 sides. Hopefully the nasty chants will stay away forever now.
    im an LFC fan and have nothing but admiration for Man u’s style of play.

  2. BobbyGaff

    Do me a favour, look back at Rooneys dive against Chelsea, his dive against Arsenal. Too may Nani dives to mention, but just watch any game involving Nani and you can see how he throws himself around trying to win freekicks and get players booked. Now look at Berbatove v Agger in last years FA cup game at Old Trafford, absolutely no contact between the tow of them yet Berbatov goes down like a pole axed bull. Ferdinand admitted he clipped Adam and as Adam was in full flight any slight touch is going to make him lose his balance. Utd started the plaque of cheating in the prem, fully backed by old beetroot face. Get over yourselves, it was a freekick and Ferdinand should have walked. As for Evra kick him out of the game for good, the France team had the right idea!!

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