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Kevin Pilkington Review : Newcastle

Kevin Pilkington Review : Newcastle

The goalless draw at Newcastle was merely a temporary source of discomfort, as Arsenal failed to capitalise. Kevin Pilkington joined us to give us his thoughts.

Yolkie : All things considered was it a point gained or two dropped at St. James Park?

Kevin : Considering Arsenal’s result, a point gained! Sorry had to get that in!

In all seriousness – I thought we had slipped up on Tuesday night. I was expecting a comfortable win and United did have the chances to make it comfortable. In the first 20 minutes, Newcastle looked bright but after that I thought United would go on to win the game.

Yolkie : After the City game, that makes it 2 games without a goal. Should we be worried or with the very different line ups should we not be too worried?

Kevin :  I don’t think we should be worried after not scoring in two games. I would be worried if they weren’t creating chances but that’s not the case. I fully expect them to score and win at the weekend even though it will be a tough game against a good everton side.

Yolkie : Some United fans feel we should have had a penalty late on; while we were pretty lucky to get away with one when Anderson tripped Lovenkrands… do either team have a real cause for complaint?

Kevin : If you give one of them you have to give both. Personally I thought both were pens. Both players have dangled their legs and made contact.

Yolkie : If we win the league we’ll probably have the worst away record of a Championship winning team in Premier League history… does it really matter though, as long as we win the league?

Kevin : Doesn’t matter what your record says at the end of the season as long as you are top! All about the winning! Obviously you would like to play great football and score goals but you don’t get medals for playing pretty football you get them for winning!

Yolkie : Finally, a word on your own tasty game last night! Luton lost at York to put your own play off position at slight risk and give York a chance, but there was a bit of a scuffle on the sidelines! You didn’t get involved did you?!

Kevin : Yes it was a bit lively at York on Tuesday night! We were disappointed not to get something from the game but I’m sure we will be in the play offs.3 games to go and I’m sure 1 win secures our place. And no I didn’t get involved!


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