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Kevin Pilkington Review : Wigan

Kevin Pilkington Review : Wigan

As always, Kevin joins us to give his thoughts on our league games. The 4-0 win at Wigan was as flattering as it was deceptively comfortable, but with 2 incredibly big games coming up, 3 points and an injury free game was basically all that mattered.

Yolkie : 4-0 probably flattered United considering Edwin van der Sar had to make two or three world class saves. It was a curious game though because even though he was called into action it never looked like we were on the rack. What did you think of the performance?

Kevin : I thought it was a very professional and solid performance. Van Der Sar was excellent again. When called upon he made three good saves. I thought the second one was the best of the three. Hernandez looked very comfortable again and took his goals really well.

Yolkie : Chicharito looked like he made an impression at just the right time…! It was the type of finishing that impressed me.. seemed to be a shop window thing. Do you think he showed that he can offer something that neither Rooney or Berbatov can bring?

Kevin : I think Hernandez is a typical goal scorer. He has a knack of being in the right place and that is a great asset to have when you are a striker. His movement and the runs he makes are excellent and he always seems to get on the end of crosses. Unlike Rooney and Berbatov he is a natural scorer where as they usually create their goals. Definitely reminds me of Ole!

Yolkie : With all due respect to Wigan it was probably a result many expected before the game; did you see it as the perfect warm up with the big games to come?

Kevin : Yes, no disrespect to Wigan but you never expected United to lose the game. Hopefully this will give them the confidence for the next two games which are massive. Chelsea will be a very hard game even though they haven’t been at their best this season and Liverpool will always raise their game against United. If we come away with four points from the two games, I’m sure everyone would take that.

Yolkie : The nice touch at the end saw Fabio coming on and scoring. Do you think he could be an option further up the field? Kyle ran a blog on the merits of playing him on the wing; I feel he could be effective in the Park role given the chance. Either way, do you think he’ll need to carve a future further forward following the new contract for Evra?

Kevin : It always helps as a player if you can adapt to different positions. I really like the twins attitude to playing, they both seem all or nothing type players. I do think Fabio could do a job pushed further on like Park. He looks like he loves getting forward but also enjoys defending as well which is what you want from your wide men. But whereever he plays I think he has got a great future.

Yolkie : Are you feeling confident ahead of the Chelsea and Liverpool games?

Kevin : Like I said earlier if we come away from those games with four points I think every one would take that right now!


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