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Kevin Pilkington Review: Queens Park Rangers

Kevin Pilkington Review: Queens Park Rangers

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Kevin Pilkington joins us to give his thoughts on the result at the weekend as well as refereeing decisions, 1-0 wins and his own future…

It’s been a few weeks since we had a chance to catch up and as always, plenty has happened – first of all, the home draw with Newcastle United, where we were on the receiving end of a poor decision to award a penalty against Rio Ferdinand. Do you believe in the cliche that “all decisions even themselves out over a season” – even if so, do two wrongs really make a right?

It would be nice if refs just came out and admitted they made a mistake. Players and managers have to face the media so why not refs? I don’t like the argument that decisions even themselves out because it could be too late to make a difference… And two wrongs don’t make a right!

After that decision it was said that it took more time for the referee to consult his assistant than it did for the replay to be shown, resulting in more cries for video technology to be implemented. Where do you stand on that debate?

In some ways I’m for video technology but then what would fans argue about after the game over a pint? I think for goal line technology it should be applied but that’s it for me… (but I don’t think Roy Carroll would agree!!).

We followed that up with three league wins on the bounce, the first two against Aston Villa and Wolves. Do you think our form in general has picked up or are you still not that convinced about how well we’re playing?

It’s the sign of a good team that can get results when not playing well. 1-0 for me is the best result out there. It shows every player has dug deep to earn the points. That might just be a goalkeeper thing!

Against QPR we gave arguably our most convincing display since the City result, yet only won 2-0 despite having lots of chances – Fergie was critical of the missed chances after, perhaps mindful of the goal difference. Should that be on our mind at this early stage?

I enjoyed watching the performance against QPR. We seemed to be getting back to flowing attacking football. I thought Rooney, Carrick, Jones and Rio played very well as well as the rest of the team but it’s nice to see the big players putting in the performances. I don’t think we have to worry about goal difference yet! There’s still half the season to go.

In the middle of our league improvement came a couple of big shocks – an exit in the League Cup to Palace, but more damagingly, defeat in Basel which knocked us out of the Champions League. Should we be concerned – does Fergie have problems he needs to address now, or do we need more patience with the rebuilding?

I know Sir Alex keeps saying he is not looking to buy but we all know his mind games! To be just two points behind City when not playing that well says a lot about he team. We can only get better, and I think a little rebuilding will happen in January.

Onto yourself – you’ve recently regained your spot in the first team at Luton… it’s coming up to the time of year, are you thinking about renewing your contract to play on for another season or will you become the latest from the class of 1992 to announce your retirement?

Yes, it’s nice to be playing regularly again. I will try to play as long as possible… obviously I’m wanting to get into coaching full time at some stage but as long as the body and mind are saying they are ok I’ll continue playing. I don’t think anything will give me the buzz of walking out at 3 on a Saturday afternoon!!


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  1. Kashere2011

    Imo,we need a little injection of new face in our cm, because that spark is missing in our play,but the lads start to regain their form of the early season.wake up guys .GGMU.

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