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Those Who Know The Least Talk The Most


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  1. UTDfan

    How much is the club’s corporate communications unit paying you for this trash article? You are obviously not a true man utd fan but just trying to make a fast buck, so get lost!

  2. Mark Nevin

    Very well put.  Spot-on in every respect.  We all knew SAF would be a hard act to follow but some so-called United fans had given up on Moyes even before the season started.  The club can do without these glory hunters – true Reds stand together through thick and thin,

  3. muDembare

    Whoever you are and wherever you maybe,you are the first positive person I have heard since the defeat,thanks

  4. WasamaDoja

    Finally an article by someone who understands! This is exactly what i have been trying to tell people! Thank you for this!

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