Match Report: United 0-1 Newcastle United | Manchester United News

Match Report: United 0-1 Newcastle United


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  1. Al

    Lots of love
    Liverpool fan

  2. wheelbarrowjim

    It’s not even the defeat that is the most disappointing thing, it’s the manner of defeat. I’ve being watching United since I was a child in the 80’s and no matter how we lost we always made it difficult against the opposition, especially at home. Newcastle lost 3-0 at Swansea on Wednesday night. With all due respect to Swansea, if they scored 3 we should be scoring 5 or 6 against Newcastle. People can talk all they want about Sir Alex getting a few years at the club but we were in dire straits when he took over and we had no european football because of the ban. The club was rebuilt from the bottom up, Moyes doesn’t need to do this as the infrastructure is in place for success and I believe he’s on borrowed time, at any of the other huge clubs like Real, Barca, Munich or Juve this season would be unacceptable. 

    Missing out on Champions League this season could have a massive domino effect, we first lose players like De Gea and RVP and can’t attract big names who want to play in the CL therefore don’t qualify again next year. We lose CL money and sponsors lose interest, causing us to lose more money. The passive fans stop attending matches and that means ticket and merchandise revenue gets smaller. The debt is currently manageable but without the revenue mentioned above we will struggle to pay it, meaning a smaller wage bill therefore we end up with a lower quality of player. Then we are back languishing mid-table like we were in the mid 80’s with all the work of the last 26 years gone.

    I don’t like advocating that Moyes be sacked, but I think it’s not working and it’s time to bite the bullet and cut our losses. I keep hearing the phrase “Transition Period”, but Martinez, Pellegrini, Guardiola and Martino seemed to settle in at their new clubs quickly enough. If he does go then Woodward needs to go too, he (Woodward) has made a fool of himself and embarrassed the club on more than one occasion since taking charge. I hope that if he does stay he can change things and all us doubters are proven wrong, but unfortunately it doesn’t look good for the short term at least.

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