Match Report: United 1-4 Manchester City | Manchester United News

Match Report: United 1-4 Manchester City


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  1. Cityfan76

    Very honest assessment of the derby. United have not had many days like this. As a City fan I’ve got to be thrilled. However, the season is long and will have many twists and turns. I’ll enjoy this one until the next time we meet.

  2. bluevalentine

    @kagawa krew football clubs really need fans like you. Rooney, along with Vidic, was your best player today. Rio is a good club servant who is now a bit over the hill. Wellbeck is a decent young player. Fellaini has only been at OT 5 minutes. United were comprehensively beaten by a better team, playing at the top of its form on the day. As a blue I was proud, but also realistic enough to know the next derby could be the other way round.

  3. kagawa krew

    @bluevalentine 2 players ain’t a team open your eyes man we got wacked hard what about motivation sack moyes get Di Canio now don’t want championship next september

  4. Gagz7

    IwanLehnert Nowadays we dont need to slag supporters from other clubs, got plenty of stupid wankers in our fan base. Spoilt fucks!

  5. IwanLehnert

    MrOlliB Wasn’t far off. Abject display. Derby losses are never great but there was barely any sense that they cared.

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