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Moyes Pout


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  1. beemer

    you make me despair. dream my ass. what about all this ferguson games where we won 1-0 and played badly but put up with it because we were winning. and now all we remember is the thrilling stuff. …
    revisionism is everywhere.. remember this games where fellaini destroyed us. and a considerable number hoped he would sign for united. and now he is suddenly useless. i agree he hasn’t played well but we know he is better than that.  we know the team is better than they are now but for some reason they have taken their foot off the gas. Moyes strikes me as a thoroughly decent man and as a great club we should be proud to have someone like that. Do we really covet Mourinho. I don’t care who raves about him – who has he ever thrilled, if that is your benchmark ? who would you really have wanted a year ago or now instead ? Martinez, ? do me a favour. he is today’s david o’leary. 
    let’s give the guy a chance for pity’s sake. We laughed at liverpool when they hounded Hodgson out, another decent guy who wasn’t given a chance. We laughed at Rodgers over previous couple of years and now he is the Messiah ? Its pathetic and makes he ashamed to be a united supporter

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