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My United XI: Author John Ludden

I’ve gone for a 4-4-2 set up with a team I believe playing both the beautiful game and if needed fight, kick, scrap and maul their way to a victory. Schmeichel, a dominating presence. Great hands, wonderful shot stopper and he could start a fight alone in a phone box. Like half this team! Would play a vital part in setting up counter attacks with my flying wingers who can catch pigeons.

Two top class full backs in Irwin and Neville who can equally excel attacking down the flanks. As well as their day jobs. Few better. A pair of centre halve with Buchan and McGrath. A concoction laced with tactical awareness who can sniff out trouble. Ball playing defenders, fast and tough and a match for any opposing forwards.

Centre- midfield, Robson and Keane. You take these two on in a scrap and it would be like Scarface in football boots. Midfield warriors who set the pace of the match. Great vision, unbelievable engines. Each have an astute eye for a pass and hearts big and brave.

Wide Ronaldo right and Giggs left. Just let them get on with it. Blistering pace, bewildering skills and capable of ripping apart any defence. Through the middle Cantona playing just behind Hughes. The Frenchman, a conductor with a baton to wreak havoc with the orchestra of talent flying forward, around and past him….The can opener!…Bring it on!

So desperate to get Scholesy in but he misses out by a hair’s breadth to Keane. Just! And Whiteside, simply my hero as a kid. Still is. The man with the easiest job on the planet to manage this lot. Sir Alex Ferguson!

My Manchester United All time eleven.
Schmeichel, Neville, McGrath, Buchan, Irwin, Robson, Keane, Ronaldo, Hughes, Cantona, Giggs.

Substitutes. Having two! Because this has drove me nuts! Scholes, Whiteside.

John’s latest novel – ‘Cantona : When the Seagull Flew’ is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.



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