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No Way Back For Wayne Rooney After Chelsea Bid


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  1. Matt_the_Hack

    Excellent article. I’m still a little torn about whether he should go or stay but either way, I just want what’s best for the club and I’m leaning towards him leaving being the best solution.
    If he does go, I’d be loathe to let him join a domestic rival, particularly a sure fire title rival this season, but as long as the money is good (£30m+ – we know Mourinho likes him) then I say make it happen. Whether the talk of a swap for Mata is on the cards is up for debate but if so, then my inclination to allow Rooney to leave is that it should definitely be done.
    I do fear deep down him being so fired up by any potential move that selling him would come back to haunt us but the fact is is that while he has the tendancy to be world class, he needs to sort his fitness and attitude out big time. I, like the author, never fully forgot the 2010 transfer request but got back behind him and tried to put it behind me. But when he complains about his lack of opportunities in the big games last year and how he feels he’s been treated (dropped for RVP when he was the one who criticised the club for lacking ambition in the transfer market) when he’s on £250K plus, I need to reach for my violin.
    If his time at Old Trafford is coming to a close, it will be sad, he’s scored a lot of goals for this club, but as my deadly departed dad always used to say, ‘no-one is bigger than the club’ and I think it’s time to admit that Rooney’s exit will be best for all concerned.

    1. Yolkie

      Matt_the_Hack Cheers Matt, appreciate the nice comment. Couldn’t agree more with your comments, I think £30m would be a decent return on him and allow us all to move on from this. Just hope it is resolved sooner rather than later.

  2. Jez

    Mourinho rejected by United…? Dont think so. mou doesnt sound like a man who’s missed out on the top job, but one who’s found it. If they chose ‘haven’t won anything Moyes over Mou, which made the rest of the EPL laugh, they’re less savvy than we thought. MU’s greatness hasn’t dawned on Thiago or Fab, and Roo’s got more top class football ahead of him than RVP. Just needs a manager who appreciates his unique talents and talisman status.

    1. Yolkie

      @Jez  We’ll have to agree to disagree, I felt Mourinho had spent 4 months openly flirting with United and he was hoping the club would get in touch with him. There is no coincidence that he went to Chelsea almost as soon as United chose Moyes instead. That said, a clever move from Mourinho to use that to motivate Rooney, Chelsea should get a year or two out of him playing well

  3. guestsss

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