Opinion: Forget Ivan Perisic and Willian , Jose Mourinho already knows his right winger for next season | Manchester United News

Opinion: Forget Ivan Perisic and Willian , Jose Mourinho already knows his right winger for next season

Opinion: Forget Ivan Perisic and Willian , Jose Mourinho already knows his right winger for next season

By Mark Weasley

Anthony Martial has been linked with an exit away from Old Trafford this summer but if the club and Jose Mourinho know what is good for us, he should be held with both hands and persuaded to stay.

At 22, what he needs is an arm around the shoulder. Jose Mourinho must know that his tough-love approach may not always work on modern footballers. With the Portuguese tactician interested in signing £60m-rated winger, Willian from Chelsea, United need to re-evaluate the pursuit of the Brazilian.

Why go for Willian, 29, when we have a younger and arguably more skillful player in Martial? Though he may not yet be consistent, Martial has the potential to be one of the best.

United had also been linked to the signing of Ivan Perisic from Inter Milan, but a move for the 30-year-old is also not being met with enthusiasm by the club hierarchy, who are not too sold on the idea of paying over the odds for a player that has maybe only 2 or 3 years left at the top of his game.

Martial is being courted by Premier League teams, though United are averse to selling him to a rival. Martial was phenomenal at the start of last season, scoring goals, dribbling and creating goals in equal measure. Overall, he averaged 112 minutes per goal or assist in the whole of the campaign. He had 9 goals and 5 assists in 30 league matches, of which only 18 were starts. The arrival of Alexis Sanchez in January limited his playing time on his preferred left attacking midfield position.

He should also learn to play on the right wing, and stake a claim for more first team action. He was shunted to the bench and even when Sanchez was off-colour, he was not still used. He had a passing accuracy of about 81.5%, 1. 4 dribbles per game and also had 1.6 shots per game.

Martial has just a year left on his deal, though United have a 12-month contract extension clause. United should give him a contract extension and help him get better.

It would be a great thing to see him shine at Old Trafford. He joined United in 2015 and has since scored 36 goals in 136 matches.


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  1. Getaye Gelaw

    Mourihno is z stupidest coach in z world.He has killed many players in his coaching life,in Chelsea,Madrid and inter milan (Adriano,Mikel,Ba,Roben,Wesley Shjinider,Vaandervart,Daniel Sturage,De Bruyne,Remeo Lukaku and others…)Martial is z promising and talented players.He will be world star and he is better than Sanchez,Persić and William.Mourihno don’t know how to cultivate the youngsters but he only knows to buy expensive players.Pls get out of united yourself,I love united but I hated Mourihno.

  2. Mactoni

    Mourinho came to ruin United wih his transfer policy. Why thinking of letting Martial leave and going for aging players?
    Why trying to sell Martial so cheap and wanting to buy aging players so high?
    I see the how Jugan Kloop makes his signings and how he sells. Mourinho only goes for those their names are on the high books.
    Why not keep chasing Leonardo Bonucci who’s very cheap and had had experience…though old to compare Maguire but the later is too expensive as Leicester do not want to sell

  3. Ekperé Wisdom

    Martial is good player, he is also good in(dribbing, skill, passing etc.) i believe martial can be best player or world best player at old trafford like christiano ronaldo made it when he was at man united, so i support don’t sale him, he is young and surpass than william or ivan.

  4. Prince Oj

    Is no brainer for any manager to dissss young players for aging players let keep the faith on martial. This season might work out good for him.

  5. YUSUF Falcao

    our legend should stop mourihno for doing rubbish at united, as a manager you must know how to mange your average player to become a good player. please Bord should stop him to not sell martial please

  6. lununcle

    I honestly believe that Martial has so much talent and he should not be sold at all. Instead he should be groomed, encouraged and protected….if he is being guided in the right way, with the correct attitude towards the game, he is going to become an exceptional players people expect him to be

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