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Optimism, Please?


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  1. Ghost Wolf

    All the current negativity is essentially manufactured by the media and most of us, starved of our daily Utd fix, get sucked into it…  No one at OT mentioned anything about our perceived targets other than a general comment on the intent to strengthen over the summer – no names…
    Unsubstantiated stories, probably engineered by greedy agents to further their own (and clients’) agenda – taken as fact by desperate journalists under pressure to find headlines… the annual summer media hype – the silly season.
    Lets wait and see how it all shakes out… I have a good feeling about the future of our club and am confident we’ll continue to see red devil’s on the pitch that actually want to play for the jersey for the right reasons… remember not even a year ago when a certain RvP made us forget about the transfer “woes” from last summer’s silly season.  Moura or RvP – a no brainer really nes pas?  All is and will be well – have faith folks.

  2. MerlinUnited

    You are so right Wolf. It’s disappointing to see my fellow reds around moaning and complaining. There are even some fanzines who question the whole club. That we will never attract any player, and even argue that SAF always missed signing the star players. Only last year probably the best striker in the world, and bundesliga player of the year, choose us because they wanted only to play for Manchester United. Acoording to Klopp and Wenger most of the top clubs where after them.

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