PHOTOS: Which Of These Is Man Utd’s New Third Kit? | Manchester United News

PHOTOS: Which Of These Is Man Utd’s New Third Kit?

PHOTOS: Which Of These Is Man Utd’s New Third Kit?

For a while there have been pictures circulating of Manchester United’s new strips.

The home shirt was leaked for some time and the white away shirt (which, according to the Daily Mail, will be released on August 11th, just in time for the game at Aston Villa, where it then expected United will wear white) followed soon after.

However, there are conflicting stories about the third kit.

We brought a picture some time back with a black and grey variant – the grey, or ‘lighter black’ stripes through the middle. Now, here is where the fun lies, because the more widely seen images of the potential shirt show it to have luminous orange as a trim colour.

We are inclined to believe that is in indeed the orange version that will be the third kit (and will be released in very late August or the first week of September). However, editors have actually seen, with their own eyes, children wearing the alternate black shirt, already, around the streets of Manchester.

It seems as if that kid might have got a bit of a herring on his hands on two counts – as he also had Di Maria 7 on the back. We suppose, at least, it may be a collectors’ item…

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