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Press Red: 11th June : De Gea And Benzema Again

We’re back, and we feel a bit better today.

No wait.

Today’s the day that we were told the David De Gea transfer would be done. That’s what got everyone in a tizz the other day. We should re-iterate that while we bring you the best and the blurst of transfer rumours which we find, we generally only trust two or three people, and think you should too. Those who don’t stand to gain anything by sharing the news.

Which is why we’re inclined to believe Mark Ogden’s report about Real Madrid’s formalising a bid (rather than finalising the entire thing) for David De Gea.

Mark brings some credibility to the table but there’s little new to report – United are interested in Karim Benzema who isn’t interested in United, and, Van Gaal’s interest in Gareth Bale is separate to anything to do with De Gea.

So, our thoughts on the matter? There are a few of us at RetroUnited so this doesn’t speak for all but personally, if De Gea wants to go, and Madrid put in an offer which is around that which we paid for him in the first place… what’s £18m to United? They paid approximately the same or more for a year of Falcao and look how that turned out. We also paid about £18m for Ashley Young when he had a year on his contract.

We should keep him for the year and force Madrid into a situation where they pay a price which is more reasonable, or, force De Gea to stay for a year. We can accept he wants to leave and can understand that ‘loyalty’ is a two way street. Such is our thought on the matter that we would keep him on the bench for a year, ruining his chances of being Spain’s number one for the European Championships, and hopefully meaning he might have to wait another few months if Real Madrid get hit by a transfer ban. Yep, we’re that bitter.

The Daily Mail have their own take on it, saying United will in fact play hardball (just as we did by selling Madrid Beckham, van Nistelrooy, Heinze and Ronaldo for fees that could have been greater) and ask for £35m.

Aaaaanyway, moving on.

That Mail report links us to Internacionale midfielder Roberto Dourado. No, that doesn’t mean we’re ‘closing in on’ or ‘poised to sign a Brazil ace’.

There isn’t much else to report today. Chelsea want Falcao, apparently.

The Express and a couple of others are reporting that Bastian Schweinstiger can leave for United if he submits a transfer request. That’s a slight variance on the truth but we tweeted the relevant quote yesterday.

Liverpool player Martin Skrtel says he’d never sign for Man Utd. Don’t worry Martin, I don’t think you’ll ever have that dilemma.

Anyway. That was the news.

Players linked to United : Dani Alves, Hugo Lloris, Nathaniel Clyne, Gareth Bale, Morgan Schneiderlin, Nicolas Otamendi, Felipe Anderson, Petr Cech, Raheem Sterling, Ilkay Gundogan, Lorenzo Gonzalez, Bastian Schweinstiger, Harry Kane, Karim Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo, Fernando Muslera, Asmir Begovic, David Alaba, Carlos Bacca, Arturo Vidal, Joseph Colley, Gonzalo Higuain, Radja Nainggolan, Gregory van der Wiel, Mario Mandzukic, Christian Eriksen ’89, Roberto Dourado




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  1. RajWorks

    RetroUnited kind of agree however this option won’t be lost on the Utd board. Think we’ll end up getting a good fee or a player out of it

  2. shardman1981

    RetroUnited agreed and to be fair de gea will want to perform to cement his place as Spain’s No1 b4 the euros. Real should pay real value

  3. RandomRedDevil

    RetroUnited agreed. Real Madrid are twats and think they’re better than us. Show em we’re not their fucking cheap supplier.

  4. mancmark

    RetroUnited thats what i have been saying force madrid into a corner or they will have to wait 12 months

  5. RandomRedDevil

    RetroUnited (but of course their team right now is better than us, but so does arsenal, cus we’ve been that shite)

  6. sinister79

    RetroUnited totally agree with keeping him for a season and losing any fee. no point in doing it however if your putting him on the bench!

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