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REPORT: Ramos Future To Be Decided In Days

The future of Sergio Ramos – a transfer saga that has dominated the summer – looks set to be decided within the next seven days, according to Spanish media outlet Eco Diario.

Manchester United have been linked with the defender ever since Real Madrid’s interest in David De Gea seemed as if it would manifest itself in an imminent bid.

However, as of now, Madrid have not made a formal bid for the goalkeeper and United have not moved in their position – that they will not consider any deal that does not involve Ramos ending up at Old Trafford.

The player himself seems receptive to the move after reluctance from Madrid president Florentino Perez to offer a suitable new contract.

Eco Diario reports that Perez will meet with Ramos personally to discuss the players’ plans (and says that as of press, those plans are currently unchanged – he wishes to move) and will stress that the captaincy vacated by Iker Casillas is an honour for Ramos to inherit rather than the procession it technically is. Whether or not this will placate Ramos remains to be seen considering the treatment of Casillas and the fact that at 29, it may not be a long term peace that is proposed by Perez.

The report says that Ramos may well even use the meeting to personally request that Perez allows him to move to United.

The meeting is set to take place within the next week with Perez keen to make a show of the captaincy – in a summer where the president has failed to attract a ‘Galactico’, a gala event where he has persuaded their longest serving player to stay after all is something that he may feel will compensate.

If Ramos remains unreceptive to Perez’s overtures then the president may be tempted to move quickly in order to acquire David De Gea.

However, the only thing that seems certain at this time is that Manchester United, and Ramos, are both in a position of strength – Perez, for once, won’t be getting everything his own way.

The report

The start of the preseason at Real Madrid and Iker Casillas up noise diverted media attention the white team to other different foci weeks that absorbed one name: Sergio Ramos. That, however, does not imply that no case has already Ramos. There is and this week will enter a decisive phase to see if the central continues in the capital or achieved leave for the Manchester United (or Manchester City, his last ‘girlfriend’).

The position of the player is, today, the same held for days . He wants to leave Real Madrid. They have from their surroundings that the decision is, for now, strong, almost, almost immovable. The tensions unleashed before he left on vacation, with mutual accusations caused castling.

Ramos did not like being accused from allied policy to be a stingy and his brother had ‘dirtied’ negotiation means. The captain and first white understood that from the stage were trying to repeat with him the strategy of attrition that lived Iker Casillas. The goalkeeper endured in silence. He, Ramos, no pattern of behavior repeated. It is no longer a question of money. It is pride, voices insist close to Camas.

What could change your initial idea? A man Florentino Perez. The white president intends to resume contact with the Spanish international and thinks it personally. So this weekend will travel to China, where Real Madrid will start the second and third phase of the preseason after starting in Valdebebas and continue in Australia .

There president and player will face off and put things clear in a conversation that should be a continuation of that which they held the phone when Ramos broke the case . The aim of Florentino is to make your player reconsider, to agree to reason and understand that giving you the Real Madrid is good for all parties. His role as the new white captain is vital in the development of this immediately and have it for the next few years.
Ramos, meanwhile, could claim that Real Madrid soften his stance on his departure to Manchester and so out winning the repositioning of the ‘Red Devils’ to De Gea. The English refuse to negotiate by the keeper if Ramos (and Keylor Navas) do not enter past the keeper.

That conversation should get out a sketch of what will happen in the future, either in one direction or another. It is to see Ramos white older or foot in Old Trafford.


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